Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Romance" Tiara and "Blessed" Wedding sets

Paul and I keep working like crazy to bring out new top notch items. After numerous fan requests, I have begun working on tiaras, circlets, and crowns. "Romance" is the first in this new line of offerings. Set with color change stones and available in gold or platinum - perfect to pair with a veil or wear alone.
Continuing the line of our premium wedding rings, "Blessed" is now out - available in gold or platinum, this set comes with color change stones so you can customize your wedding set! There is a men's wedding band and a women's wedding set of engagment ring and matching wedding band. Both versions come with a matching proposal animation box - after all.. sometimes guys get asked too!

'Immortel" Cherry Sets

The next version of the Immortel sets! Featuring sexy red satin, red ornate print, sheer black lace - you have to see this set. Available in 5 differernt sets - pants set, red satin set, red ornate print set, bustle gown set, and the bridal set.
The shrugs and pants alone are worth the price, but in the larger sets you get a lingerie set and two flexi skirts. The formal set also comes with a beautiful bustle gown.
Check out the pic!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


A brand new silhouette from Paul Lapointe - Immortel Jade features a lace shrug, Flexi bustle gown, two lace flexi skirts, black underskirt, jade underskirt, flexi ruffle cuffs, sexy satin corset, and full set of matching black lace garters, stockings, and panties.
For you ladies that don't need a bustle.. there will also be the "modern" set that features everything except the flexi bustle skirt.
Sexy and fabulous details - pic attached.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Wedding Bands for Men and Women!

Inspiration hit for a couple of new wedding bands. The "Modern" rings are stylish and fresh with 4 exquisitely textured diamonds set at equal distance around the band. The "Romance" rings are a take on the classic eternity bands. Both designs feature color changeable gemstones and subtle micro bling. Available in you choice of gold or platinum and prefitted for either men or women - these bands are perfect for many occasions.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome guest designer, Darkle Sands!

Paul and I are very happy to welcome Darkle Sands to the Evocative Magick sim. Darkle has joined us as a guest designer and is the owner of Mayfair Aviation and Steampunk Accessories. One of his latest creations is a steampunk replacement heart and he's been working on some very stylized steampunk wings.

Drop by his store to check out the spectacular builds and fantastic creativity that he brings to the Evocative Magick family!

Show some Pryde!

New in the freshly remodeled Evocative Jewelry store, are the Neko Pryde women's anklets and the men's rings! Full of Feline attitude. Both come in gold or platinum. The Anklet features a delicate chain with a dangle gemstone pawprint that is color changeable. The ring features the same color changeable gemstone pawprint, but also sports some wickedly sharp spikes for those Boi's out there. Sassy, funky and fun - show some Pryde!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brand New - Avenging Angel Men's Necklaces!

I've been wanting to move away from the more standard fare you find in all of the jewelry stores in SL and start doing pieces that are just as much art as jewelry. This is the first attempt and I think you'll enjoy wearing this edgy, yet graceful, abstract cross. Available in gold or platinum for men - this piece is large enough to show up yet delicately crafted so it doesn't look over done.

A special edition version in Black Iron and Rubies is available for a very limited time to help raise money for the Relay for Life fund raising during their Clothing Fair. Please drop by Evocative or Evocative Magick to pick one up - all proceeds are going directly to RFL - American Cancer Society to support research for a cure.

Treasured... Pear and Princess Cut Diamonds

Finally in the stores, are the Pear Cut and Princess Cut "Treasured" Women's Wedding Sets. My personal favorite happens to be the pear shape! Now you can choose from the Oval, Pear, or Princess sets. Each set comes with the Engagement Ring, a Wedding Set, and a matching proposal animation box - the ring "inside"the box matches what your lady will wear when she says, "Yes!".
I'm working hard to get the Brilliant Cut and Marquise Cut versions out soon and if I can manage it, maybe even a heart shape!
~ Bast

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Paul decided that since the Brocade suit is so popular, some of you might want it in a beautiful midnight blue! Same incredible details and lush textures as the orignal and with an open jacket, black vest, blue vest, violet vest, and jade vest along with sculpty colar and lapels and flexi jacket skirt.


Bast and i have been planning for a long time now to put back into Sl and open a high quality Free Designs store that has a wide selection of top quality items instead of the usual suspect offerings in SL. We finally managed to build the store on Evocative and filled it with all the items we could find that would suit a wide range of tastes. It includes clothing , jewelry and even skins for men and women with regular updates being added . Please come and see whats on offer and if you like what you see tell your friends and newbies who are short on lindens that this is a must see store .

Paul Lapointe

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Bast has been building her beautiful heart out and finished the Men's store of my dreams :).We now have a major Men's mall on Evocative with everything a guy could want and more. We went to great trouble to listen to our customers and laid out the store in an easy to find blueprint that will take away that SL frustration of hours spent trying to find a product advertised but impossible to find, We've all been there right :). Just in time for my push to release all new mens Urban clothing starting with my "Erosion " Jeans Sets and i will be building sculpty Hoodies soon so keep a look out .

Paul Lapointe

Friday, March 7, 2008

Urban Angel "Erosion" Mega Set

Paul's outdone himself again! This mega set has 6 corsests, 7 pants, 1 tank top, and two sets of tattoos - all for one price! Mix and match to your heart's content. So much in one box.. you have to check the pic to see what's being offered, The Ultimate mix & Match set!!
Pick up a complete causual wardrobe for only 600L$.

"EROSION" Jeans for Men

Paul's made some incredibly detailed new men's jeans! They come with in three colors, modifiable for perfect fit and with sculpty calf prims that are sizable with a scripted menu!
Check out the texture, color and stitching on these - and the highlighting enhances the male physique for that sexy, dangerous edge. Available in single colors or full color set.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

"White Dragon" Now in Store!!

Finally i finished the "White Dragon armor set".This set is a must for all serious RP in Second Life.
It includes:Sculpted armor cloak, sculpted arm , hip & leg armor.Ornate sculpted chain boots, jeweled belt,2 sculpted helmets(one with horns),sculpted shield & leather top with pants.
The set is relatively low prim so its perfect for high speed Rp Sim's.For the person who wants to stand out and make a statement