Friday, May 30, 2008


Finally done and completely amazing! The Black Anubis set is more than an update to the original Anubis Avatar set - it's a complete new set with prim body parts, flexi cape armor, clothing, skin, shape, and working staff weapon. The head is animated with jaw opening and closing while the helmet moves. Great sounds.. awesome look ... definitely worth waiting for!

available at Evocative Magick armor store, to visit click the SLURL on the right of our blog

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In store now - Slave Rings for women

After many fan requests, I have finally been able to get some slave ring sets completed and into the store. Each set features a torc like bracelet connected to a ring with chain. Both the right and left hand slave rings are included. These are available in gold or silver in the plain chain versions and the diamond versions, the ruby sets will also be available in a black iron metal.

Great for gothic , pagan, or gorean looks or just to show some attitude on the dance floor.


In Store now - Evil Eye and Cats Eye pendants.

Just out, a new delicate choker with drop scuplted gemstones and a center pendant featuring an "evil" eye. Traditionally used as amulets for protection and for good luck - these have a more gothic twist. The Cats Eye versions feature a less gothic look and have brighter gemstone choices. Drop by to see the whole selection - who couldn't use a little more luck?

New for men~ Evocative Boots "Buckled"

Just out - Evocative Boots for men "Buckled". Similar in style to the boots included in the new Narcisse Sin men's suit set, these feature plain straps on the boots. As with all new boots, this set also includes easy to use resizer menus for that custom fit!


Runway Ad for June

We are proud to be advertising in RUNWAY magazine starting in June. This is the first time Lapointe & BastChild has advertised in any Second Life based magazine and we are very excited about the oppourtunity.

You can subscribe to RUNWAY by using any one of the kiosks present on Evocative or Evocative Magick Islands.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Narcisse Sin" Mens suit set

New for Men is the Narcisse Sin' suit set. finally i managed to make my first Pinstripe suit with all the extras.This set is for those wanting that bad boy edgy look, a mix of the sophisticated and the rebel hiding in us all.The set includes Sculpty collar and lapels , flexi skirt, prim arm, leg & waist belts with buckles, Wrist cuffs, Sculpty buckled Boots, 3 Pinstripe Jackets :Zipper, open neck & Sleeveless, Pinstripe Pants, Gloves & Tattoo. Available at Evocative and Evocative Magick

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Underworld Selene"

Due to many, many and i mean many requests i have finally made an outfit based on the character Selene .The set includes an ornate jacket with sculpty collar, 2 pvc tops ,PVC Bra, 2 pairs of pants, highly detailed buckled sculpty boots, PVC gloves, sculpted leg holsters, arm cuffs and vivid blue Selene eyes. all the prim work is loaded with an easy to use re sizer menu so that perfect fit is just a touch away.If your wanting the complete look the skin in the promo is also available separately.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Paul and I would like to thank M0lly Dench and Maggie Mahoney of RUNWAY magazine for featuring Lapointe & BastChild in the new, May 2008 issue. Imagine our excitement when we found out not only did our fashions get showcased in the feature "The Edge" but also on the cover! M0lly's article on our designs was a delight to read and we feel she captured perfectly how much we care about our customers and love the creativity provided by SL.

Vera Canning, photographer, produced some of the best pictures I've ever seen from SL. Her ability to make the most of light and shadow and use of an incredible location brought our creations to life. Additionally, we were very happy to work with EmmZ Tzara and Nicholai Shepherd - two incredibly gifted models - both brought a delicious, sexy edge to our fashions.

RUNWAY is an incredibly well written and created magazine - arguably the best in SL. We look forward to working with them again in the future. Please drop by either Evocative or Evocative Magick to pick up a copy of the magazine from the circulation kiosks.