Friday, December 28, 2007

Evocative Eyes - Vampyre Set!

Released just before Christmas, this set of 15 Vampyre Eyes gives endless possibilities to show your mood, hunger, and desire. Aptly named Awakening, Rebirth, Hunger, Frenzy, and Beast, these should provide any Goth or Role Player plenty of options to finish off your perfect look. Most come with super bloodshot eyes with red glow, one with a black eye and one with a darkened, bloodshot background. These eyes definitely won't make you look human - embrace your darkness.
~ Bast

New Additions - "Velvet Noir" now available with White Shirts!

Paul heard requests from fans for a version of Velvet Noir that had white shirts instead of black. Now you have a choice - you can chose the original versions or the new version of Velvet Noir with white shirts and vests in black, copper, red, violet, green, aqua, or blue. The vest versions in black, copper, red, and violet are shown above. The Velvet Noir suits have been wildly popular so drop by to pick up one in your favorite color or save some L$ by picking up a set. Singles for 400 L$, Set of 4 vest colors for 1000 L$.
~ Bast

New Men's "ANGELUS" Light Mega Suit Set

Fresh looks for menswear from Paul Lapointe - this superb set was released just in time for Christmas. Paul heard the requests from fans for a white suit option and this fantastic mega set was the result. Sexy and edgy - including looks from modern to medieval, the Angelus Light set contains 4 white velvet jackets, 3 white velvet jacket skirts, and two velvet pants (one white and one black). Also included are two sets of cuffs - great for mixing and matching to showcase your every mood. The Angelus Light suit set can lead you from clubbing, to role play, to even formal events. Outstanding value for 550 L$.
~ Bast

Monday, December 10, 2007

"Evocative Magick" is now open!!!

Finally all the work has paid off. Bast and i have opened Evocative Magick and were very excited to see what you think :).It has a Gothic Fantasy Rp feel to it with an edge. The stores include a large "Gothic Obsession" Store, big "Neko" store, massive Armor & fantasy skins store, Tattoo Store, Emo skins & Tattoos by Muffie May, Liquid Creations Darkside Gifts By Loki Ball plus endless hidden areas to explore for couples.Underground caves, underwater romance spots and a Gothic graveyard you will die for .So please come visit us at Evocative Magick to see something original and diffrent in you Sl experience!

Friday, December 7, 2007

"Wicked Merlot" New Latex Wicked Series

For a long time i've wanted to use Latex in my designs but never found the way that suited me. now i've finally managed to walk that line between Naughty and Elegant by mixing Sexy Latex with sheer black lace.This is a massive 13 piece set that includes 4 corsets and 4 dresses with complete lingerie for the ultimate mix and match.The series will include several colors including Violet,Blue and Black Latex.
Paul Lapointe

Celtic Femme Rings!!

The men's Celtic Onyx rings have been very popular and I had many requests for a female version. Now the Celtic Femme line of rings has been released - one to match each of the original men's rings - Celtic Knot, Dragon, and Vitae. The female versions feature the same celtic knotwork as the men's. There are three gemstones on the ring with the ability to color change the side stones for more ability to customize your jewelry. I was very pleased with how the women's versions turned out. Whether you chose to pair it with a matching men's ring as a wedding band or you chose to just wear because you love celtic jewelry as much as I do, they will be a lovely compliment to any wardrobe.

Bastchild Lotus

"Baroque Decadence" Jewelry By Bastchild lotus

Baroque Decadence was inspired by a fan request that a shorter version of Decadence be created. The result was this lush set of earrings and choker that mix and match with the Decadence long necklace set. Both were created with Ruby, Sapphire, or Mystic Topaz and in a choice of Gold or Platinum. Often, it's a small question or comment that will send me off on a new creative path. That's one of the reasons we love stopping to talk to our customers.
Bastchild Lotus

New island"Evocative Magick" Opening Soon!!!!

Our New island "Evocative Magick" will be opening soon. Its right next to Evocative so all your favourite things will be there to explore.We have spent huge amounts of time and creativity to build in all the things our customers told us they loved about Evocative. The romantic hideaways, the Gothic graveyard with animations for couples. Hidden Caves to discover and atmosphere abound in this new Fantasy Rp Goth styled island.We have included a huge Gothic Obsession store, a Neko store , Armor Store and a spectacular Jewelry store By Bastchild lotus.We are proud to announce our resident Designers in Loki Ball From "Fluid Creations"and Muffie May from "Dysorder"with thier incredible designs will be setting up shop at Evocative Magick.We will announce the opening soon so get ready to explore.
Paul Lapointe

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"NEKO" at Lapointe & Bastchild

Come to our new Neko store At "Evocative island" and very soon an all new LARGER Store at its sister Island "Evocative Magick" opening soon.We have a large selection of very original and high quality Neko & fantasy skins,ears & Tails for those wanting something different.We wanted to cater for those in Sl tired of the same old Neko animal skins and those who wanted something fresh and original so we designed our own range of skins ,tails & ears with animations HUD.Ranging from White Tiger to Pink Ice blossom designs. Fire princess or Drow king.Come and Browse our diverse Selection

Welcome to our new Blog

Finally Bast and i have stopped designing long enough to start a long needed blog for our loyal customers.As you can see its still in the teething stages but keep an eye out for the fully born version soon. We will keep you updated on all our new designs and any cool places we discover in SL along the way.Members of our fan club will know that whenever we release a new item we offer it inworld free to the 3rd group member to Im us so its definately worth joining if your a bargian hunter of quality items.
We plan on running lots of fun competitions with various prizes and a regualr customers pics section just for fun.Until i get my act together and post items properly WELCOME to 0ur new Blog and we hope to see you often.

Paul Lapointe :)