Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coming soon - Furniture!

Just a bit of a sneak peek into our pet project - Furniture! Paul and I have worked on and off on a number of furniture and home decor ideas that we hope everyone will like. We hope to have the new island open soon and the Evocative Furniture and Home Decor store will be the first to be ready! Paul and I hope you will enjoy the beautifully sculpted and textured furniture and accessories for your SL home. We will be offering living room furniture with poses, bed with different choices in Xpose animation, along with some beautiful ligthing choices to pull the whole look of your home together. Watch for the store opening announcement!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surprise! Vampyre Released Tonight!

Paul and I got the new sets finished just a bit ahead of schedule - so we decided to suprise everyone by releasing them tonight! Not only that.. but a THIRD color choice was also announced - Violet. Now available at Gothic Obsession store in the Main Entrance area and at the New Designs store on Evocative. Men's and women's versions are both out. Available in your choice of Blood, Jade or Violet. For those of you that just want the clothing.. or bought one full set and want the other looks too - we have also placed on sale "Clothing Only" sets.
We are very excited to finally have this major new release out in the stores.. we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Major Event "VAMPYRE" coming soon!!

Coming soon to Lapointe and Bastchild is the series of "Vampyre" Avatars for Men and women. Bastchild and i are very excited about this as we view it as the best work we have done to date in our Second Life adventure . The first set includes never before seen ornate sculpted clothing by myself and Bastchild with her amazing jewelry. With this project we have worked side by side to produce our most significant Contribution to SL Avatars so far .This series represents Vampyre role playing and is something Bast has enjoyed for a long time in RL and in SL. I truly feel this to be some of our best work to date so please come and view the sets as they emerge. They will be available as full Avatars and as just clothing sets. The full Avs will include everything from the shape to hair and skin , clothing and sword . Bastchild and I are very proud of this work and think its a peak in our creativity thus far. Please come in a couple of days time and see what all the fuss is about :)

"ArchAngel" Michael Now Out !

Now available the complete avatar in the second of our ArchAngel series is Michael. there are two sets available for sale one the complete Avatar and the other a basic si=et with all the armor and weapons,wings etc . The wings are scripted to open close and to glow at any rate the owner chooses from a menu. The Katana is fully scripted with fighting animations and should be compatible with dcs2 and ccs. The full set includes the entire av from shape to hair and skin > come see our collectors box at Evocative new designs and at Gothic Obsession island Armor Store.