Friday, December 6, 2013

New! Bianca Knee Boots!

Cold weather... Holiday blues? No worries.. we have the Bianca Knee Boots ready!

That's right.. the long awaited Bianca style Knee Boots are now out! Knee high height, same great styling as the ankle boots - stiletto heel, platform sole, leather straps, buckles and zips!

Grab the Autumn Neutrals set and get 11 leather colors, 3 sole choices, 15 strap choices in 5 Standard Size Rigged Boots and a bonus set of non-rigged boots with resizer!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Please Vote! AviChoice Awards 2013

It's AviChoice Awards time again! We are super excited to hear Lapointe & BastChild has been nomiated in 4 fashion catagories:

*Favorite Men's Apparel
*Favorite Women's Apparel
*Favorite Jewelry Store
*Favorite Shoe Designer

The voting period for the Avi Choice Awards will be open from Dec. 1 – Dec. 13 and winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Awards show on Dec. 15th at 3pm SLT.

Please take a moment to vote for your favorites.  Paul and I appreciate your time and support.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New! Traditional Lace Up Dress Shoes w/HUD


Just added!  The new Traditional Lace Up Dress Shoes for men!  Same great design as our other mesh dress shoes but a more traditional version.  Comes with our super HUD that gives you 10 leather colors, 15 sock choices, and 22 ankle skin tones.

All this for only 499 L$ - grab a demo and check it out. Perfect starter shoes for any guy needing something for one of our Tuxedos.  These also work really well for a more casual look with jeans!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

New! Seasonal Edition - Pinstripe Tuxedos!

Just released in time for the holidays!  Claret and Slate Seasonal Editions of our Pinstripe Tuxedo.

Same great Closed Modern Tux fit - just with options perfect for the holidays.

Claret features 4 red vest options :Russet, Scarlet, Claret and Dk Claret.  Comes with complimentary ties (2 red, 1 black , 1 black/white stripe).

Slate features 4 neutral tone vest options : Winter, Bamboo, Slate, and Noir.  Comes with complimentary ties (2 off white, 1 black, 1 black/white stripe).

Each set only has a white shirt included so we lowered the price to 699L$.  This makes these a great choice for groomsment too!

Grab these seasonal sets - they will get you through Harvest to Valentine's Day!

Enjoy them while they last!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New! Buckled Loafers for men!

Our second new mesh dress shoe release is here!  Buckled Loafers have the same great mesh design as our Wingtips, but these feather full leather wrap loafers with a buckled strap!

These work as well with jeans as they do with suits.  The HUD gives you all the color options and bonuses!

*12 leather textures
*4 buckle metals
*15 sock options
*22 ankle skin tones

All this for 499 L$ - that what we used to charge for a single shoe!  Now you get them all in one neat package.

Grab a demo today or send as a gift!  Enjoy!

Friday, November 1, 2013

New! Mesh "Wingtip" Dress Shoes for men!

We just released the Wingtip Dress Shoes!  Paul did a fantatic job on these with super realistic details, lush leather options, even bonus sock and ankle skin options!

Our Wingtip Dress Shoes are non-rigged mesh so are resizable via our HUD. You get 11 leather texture options, 15 sock options and 22 ankle skin tones all via the HUD. All these for only 499 L$.
Guys, you may never need to buy another dress shoe!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Mens Mesh Pinstripe Tuxedo Out Now!

 Yes, the Modern Pinstripe Closed Tuxedo is out!

It comes with a HUD for 4 choices of pinstripe fabric, 4 vest colors, for tie + pocket square choices and 4 shirt fabrics!

Grab a demo to see how fantastic the pinstripe is on this suit... then get one fast. This is THE look for fall!  Perfect for the Jazz Club, a wedding or even some Roleplay.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Body Modification Expo - Exclusive "Lovers" Necklace.

L&B is proud to be one of the co-sponsors for the Depraved Nation: Body Modification Expo!

A whole sim full of wonderful accessories for your avatar - shoes, jewelry, tattoos, piercings and much, much more.  Drop by and take a look around - each merchant will have an exclusive item for the event that is 50% off the normal price.

The L&B Exclusive new item for the Body Modification Expo is a new "Lovers" necklace in mesh!

This is a new necklace that comes with two rings on a leather cord, decorated with some stone beads and a metal dangle with engraved phrases. The best part is that you can add initials to the rings and chose one of four phrases for the dangle!

The auto-custom HUD also comes with four stone options and two metals.

During the Expo - the price is half off! So grab your set before the end of the event.  Event price is 198 L$ - Post event price will be 399 L$.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New! Ladies Pencil Skirts!

Paul just put out our first mesh skirts. These are knee length pencil skirts with sexy curves and slick leather detailing.  They are finished off with a thin belt accent. The fatpack comes with a 20 color HUD  - yes.. 20 colors for only 499L$!

If you want something a bit more exotic... grab the Animal Print add on too!  For 299 L$ you get an additional 8 leather texures for your skirt.  A better deal for you ladies that like to have all the options.  With Add Ons you only have to buy the skirt once!

Watch for more goodies... Grab your demo today.. you'll love how this looks with our Classic Leather Jacket or the Bianca camisoles.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Suede "Bianca" Boots.. Luscious colors!

Paul decided you ladies needed some Suede.. the hot leather look for Fall! He just released the third Bianca Boots Fatpack - the 16 color Suede Set!

Same great HUD and details as the Smooth Leather Neutrals and Color Fatpacks.. but this time in luscious, buttery Suede.  Soft and sexy.. perfect for late summer and fall fashions.

Grab a demo to see the difference between the leathers.. then grab this Fatpack! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New! "Bianca" Ankle Boots for women!

Finally!  Our first MESH footwear is ready!  "Bianca" ankle boots are simply fantastic!  Stiletto heel with smooth, lush leather. Features like zip, stitching, and accent strap are just the start!  Our footwear is Non-Rigged Mesh - that means you can move the boot on your avatar leg and with our EZ Fit Plus scripts you can resize them too!

There are two fatpacks to choose from - Colors or Neutrals!   The Colors set has 16 colors ranging from reds to blues to greens.  The Neutrals set has 16 colors ranging from white thru black and a wide range of browns!

Each fatpack comes with a low lag HUD that allows you to change the boot leather color, the strap leather (also a few snake skin straps as a bonus!), the hardware between steel and brass, and 3.. yes 3 sole colors (black, red, or cream).  Each fatpack is the equivalent of dozens of boots.. all in one set.

Grab a demo to see the fit and a few of the leather colors first hand.. then snap up your favorite set.. or better yet.. get them both!  Fatpacks of 16 colors are only 599 L$.


Friday, August 9, 2013

New! Men's "MOTO" Tanks

They are out now!  Men's "MOTO" tanks!  These were made to work perfectly with our moto jeans and pants.  Paul's thrown in three lengths - Half Tucked, Untucked and Long - so they should go with most pants.

This set is a HUD Fatpack - Urban Retro gives you the three lengths, 8 sizes and 13 graphics for the tank! 

Grab a demo.. then snap up this awesome deal~


Saturday, August 3, 2013

"MOTO" men's leather pants and denim jeans!

New! Men's "Moto" Leather Pants and Denim jeans.  Paul just finished these new pants and you'll love the new fit!  Comes in 8 different sizes and three lengths for easy wear.  YES - one length is Tucked so you can wear these awesome new leathers inside of most boots!

Two leather fatpacks available - Ribbed Leather or Plain. Each fatpack comes with 5 leather colors and two choices of hardware metal!

OR grab the Denim fatpack - 8 colors and two choice of hardware metal!

Grab a demo for fit and then get your favorite set!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Flare" and "Flare Candy" Jeans!

Just Released! "Flare" Jeans for women. These new jeans have a sexy fitted style with graceful curves and gentle flared ankle.

Available as Flare - basic denim colors or Flare Candy - rainbow assortment of colors!

Comes in two lengths - Feet (for flats or bare feet) and Heels. Grab a Demo - these look seriously cute with the Bianca camisoles and super summery in bare feet.

Flare comes in Lt. Blue, Jade Blue, Mid Blue, Dk Blue, Slate, Black (each 349 L$) or a FatPack for 699 L$.  Flare Candy comes in Reds, Blues, Pastels, Naturals, Browns, Greens, Purples (each 349 L$)  or a FatPack for 999 L$. 

Demos available - on sale in world or on Marketplace for easy gift giving!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Boys of Summer - Exlusive Drift Choker - 50% off!

 Paul and I are proud to be co-sponsors for "The Boys of Summer" event for second life.  This fantastic shopping opportunity features men's fashions and accessories!

Our exlusive event item is the new Drift Choker in mesh!  It's unisex so great for everyone - but I think the guys will particularly be drawn to the masculine design.  We wanted it to speak of summer, surf, and sea breeze. 

At the event.. the price is 50% off.. so grab one for only 149 L$ while you can!  Normal price will be 299 L$ after the event has closed.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bianca Camisoles are now in the store!  Paul and I worked to get these out for the ladies since the response to our sneak peak was so positive.

These camis come in floral and animal print inspired patters - singles are only 225 L$ and come with regular and cropped lengths in 6 sizes.  The floral fatpack has 7 variations, the animal print fatpack has 6 variations - both are only 599 L$!  What a deal!

Demos are out and everything is available on MP for easy browsing and gifting.. Grab a demo today and try these summer tops!


Friday, June 21, 2013

New! S'wear "Candy" mesh jeans for women.

Paul is working hard to get more mesh clothing and footwear ready, but we thought the ladies would like some color denim to wear for summer!

Candy comes in a sexy fitted jean with delicate curves and 7 color families!  Reds, Purples, Pastels, Blues, Greens, and Naturals.  Each color family gives you 6 denim tints for one low price. AND each set has 4 lengths!  That's right: Flats, Feet, Heels and our bonus Tucked for boots!

If you fall in love with all the colors, snap up the great deal 42 color FatPack!  Try a demo, check the colors and wear your favorite now!

Oh.. and yes.. those tops will be available soon!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Materials coming to Second life"

Paul and I are very excited about the Materials Project coming to Second Life in the near future.  Materials will allow us to build in real life texture behavior to our clothing and jewelry.

For example, instead of shine baked onto your leather jacket (that doesn't move when you do) - we will be able to give you a leather jacket that will respond to lights and sunlight!

Thanks to Kitsune Shan for this cool YouTube video demonstrating what the Materials Project will allow builders to do:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New! Slim style mesh jeans for women


New!  "Slim" mesh jeans for women.  Paul heard the requests for a less curvy style of jean and he created Slim style.  Slim style still has delicate curves but in a slimmer, more fitted style.

Paul also included a bonus 4th length for these jeans - "Tucked" so you can wear these jeans with most of our boots!  As shown above you can wear these jeans with our knee high Elise boots all the way down to bare "Slink" feet and still have a perfect fit.

Available in Black, Slate, Dk Blue, Jade Blue, Mid Blue or Lt Blue - each color comes with both Worn and Clean versions in 6 pocket choices.  That's 12 jeans for the price of one!   The 6 color FatPack thus gives you 72 jeans!

Grab a demo to try this new fit and the new length!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mesh Jewelry at The 100 Block Party!

Lapointe & BastChild is one of the sponsor's for this year's 100 Block Party! Drop by to grab a set of our newest mesh - Jewelry!

EXCLUSIVELY available at the event ONLY! Prices are only half of what they will be after the party - so this is your chance to try out our new mesh at a discount price (Ring is 98L$ - will be 199 L$, Earrings are 149 L$ - will be 299L$).

The jewelry comes with our great texture hud - so you will get 5 stones to choose from and 3 metals!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Classic" Mesh Leather Jackets for men and women!

Finally, after a long wait, our most requested leather jacket is now available in MESH!
"Classic" is an open front leather jacket that features a lot of detail. The new mesh versions come with the jacket, a shirt AddOn, and a low lag texture HUD.  The HUD will give you 4 leather options, 2 metal options, 2 linings options and 8 shirt options!

Ladies - yours is the same as the guys but your shirt is a tank top with different textures and your jacket is a bit cropped for some sexy style.

Additional AddOns will be available in the future so you can keep your leather jacket updated!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Classic White Open Tuxedo and Classic Deluxe AddOns!

We recently released the White version of the Classic Open Tuxedo in Mesh!  This set comes with 4 jacket options, 5 pant options (including black and white with black stripe), 3 shirt options, 6 cufflinks, 4 cummerbunds, and 4 tie with pocket square choices!

Yesterday we released the Classic Deluxe AddOns. These are designed for the Classic Mesh tuxedos only and come in 12 different color families. Each single has 4 tints that will change the cummerbund, bow tie, cuff links and pocket square - all using the same HUD!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Lastest "Beaded" Halters - Brights!

Paul just released the second "Beaded" halter top set - Brights. These are perfect for Spring yet contain plenty of neutrals for year round wear.  Get your favorite of 12 colors or save a bundle and get the FatPack of all 12!  Special Edition Antique with Logo is also available separately- the version see above on the left side.

Singles are 199 L$ and the 12 color fatpack is only 399L$.  Grab a demo and get your favorite for Spring!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

New! "Beaded" Mesh Halter Tops - Death Royale

Finally, after a bit of a wait, the "Beaded" Mesh Halter Tops are hitting the store. First out are the Death Royale brand gothic knit tops - 8 different styles available for only 199 L$ or grab all 8 in the fatpack with HUD for only 399 L$!   Demo available for fit - easy gifting available via Marketplace SL. 

Goth not your thing?  No worries!  We'll have some more mainstream pastels and brights out very, very soon too!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New! Mesh 2013 Classic Bow Tie Tuxedo - Open Version in Black

Paul worked hard to get this new mesh tuxedo out just in time for Valentine's Day!  Great new classic look for a tuxedo that is perfect for any occasion.

The first in the line of Classic Tuxedos is the Bow Tie Open Jacket.  This set comes with one of our ever popular texture huds for your choice in Jacket (4), Pants (4), Shirts (2)Bow Tie (4), Cummerbund (4), Pocket Squares (4) and for the first time Cufflinks (5).

So many great looks for only 699 L$. Demo available.

The Modern Tux AddOns will NOT work for this tuxedo. They are two different builds. However, a whole line of Classic Tux AddOns will be out very soon!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mesh Modern White Open Tuxedos!

The Modern Open Tuxedos in mesh have been incredibly popular. We had so many people asking for a white version, Paul dropped everything else and worked out this new set. 

Four great looks all in the same box. You get White Linen in two versions (with and without silk trim), Antique Linen and a White Linen with black trim  matched with black pants.  In addition you get 4 vest choices, 4 tie and pocket square choices and 3 shirt choices.  All this for just 799 L$.

Even better.. any Mesh 2013 Modern Open Tux Add Ons you already purchased for the Modern Black tuxdedos.. will work with this one too!   What a great value - classic and modern all in one place.

Keep watching.. more great stuff on the horizon.