Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bianca Camisoles are now in the store!  Paul and I worked to get these out for the ladies since the response to our sneak peak was so positive.

These camis come in floral and animal print inspired patters - singles are only 225 L$ and come with regular and cropped lengths in 6 sizes.  The floral fatpack has 7 variations, the animal print fatpack has 6 variations - both are only 599 L$!  What a deal!

Demos are out and everything is available on MP for easy browsing and gifting.. Grab a demo today and try these summer tops!


Friday, June 21, 2013

New! S'wear "Candy" mesh jeans for women.

Paul is working hard to get more mesh clothing and footwear ready, but we thought the ladies would like some color denim to wear for summer!

Candy comes in a sexy fitted jean with delicate curves and 7 color families!  Reds, Purples, Pastels, Blues, Greens, and Naturals.  Each color family gives you 6 denim tints for one low price. AND each set has 4 lengths!  That's right: Flats, Feet, Heels and our bonus Tucked for boots!

If you fall in love with all the colors, snap up the great deal 42 color FatPack!  Try a demo, check the colors and wear your favorite now!

Oh.. and yes.. those tops will be available soon!