Saturday, June 14, 2008

New "Modern Baroque' Grey silk Dress Set

Sexy, edgy, and seductive this set features an exposed hoop skirt, plunge neckline, and delicate lace. Included are two flexi skirts, satin underskirt, shrug with flexi cuffs, lingerie set, sexy corset, veil, blusher, diamond crown, gloves and bonus tattoo.

New "Narcisse Regency" Mens White Suit Set

A fantastic new white suit set for men was just created - inspired by the wedding of one of our models! Sculpty Collar and lapels with jewels, flexi jacket, chained belt, prims cuffs, three jacket variations, pants, gloves, leg and arm straps and bonus matching men's boots.
Perfect for Princes, Angels, Vampires or just damn sexy guys!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Coming soon - Faery by Lapointe & BastChild

Coming soon - more Fantasy items! More wings, skins, eyes, clothes, and jewelry. First out will be the Faery sets featuring skins, wings, silks, and matching jewelry. Watch for them to hit the store soon on Evocative Magick.


Just out - Evocative Eyes Naturals 2

The Evocative Eyes products have been very popular and a number of fans have requested color sets. The Naturals 2 sets come in Blues, Browns or Green. Each has 5 variations of the same color on white backgrounds. Bonus eyes with slight bloodshot tint is added too!

~ Bast

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New - Evocative Eyes Sorcery

Fresh out from Evocative Eyes - Sorcery! Perfect for any fantasy, vampire, or even alien character. Three backgrounds included - white, midnight, and bloodshot. The starbust in the center of the eye is just large enough to be striking but small enough to just look a bit unusual from a distance. Enjoy wearing these for your unique look!