Saturday, December 26, 2009

"S'Wear" Womens Winter Hoodie set

Now in store is the first of a series of women's hoodies with a winter theme . The set includes a sculpted fur hood,sculpted roll neck version, sculpted lower arms and waist belt.

"S'Wear" Mens Muscle Tops

Now in store these mens muscle tops have highly detailed shading and sculpted collar & cuffs. Available in red, blue, jade, grey & black with both long and sleeveless for only 199L

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Updated Tuxedos and MORE Add Ons!

The fans asked, and Paul responded! He's been working overtime to get the Modern Pinstripe tuxedos finished and in the stores. NOW you get a full shirt, two vests, two tie options, as well as the Jacket so you can take advantage of the specially made Add Ons. No longer do you have to buy a full suit just to change your tie or your vest! Buy the tuxedo of your choice.. and then add on ties or vests!
Best sellers in the past were the Pinstripe w/ Claret Vest and the Pinstripe with w/ Pewter vest - so Paul went ahead and made special edition sets that already include these options prepackged for your convenience. Either way you decide to pick up a tux.. it's a super value added! Available for sale in Men's on Evocative and Tuxedos on Evocative Or for gifting via XStreet SL.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

S'Wear Urbanwear Mens Hoodie set

The first in a line of S'Wear Urbanwear is this mens sugar skull black hoodie. With highly detailed sculpted sleeves and hood this is a must see for those wanting casual wear this Xmas .The womens set is coming very soon along with many new colors and designs.

Womens "Libertine Brocade" now in store

Finally the womens Libertine set is finished. With a seriously sexy look and many mix and match options from traditional pants to short,short panties and leggings.Available now in New designs Evocative and womens clothing on Gothic Obsession.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Bouquets!

Just Added to Evocative Floral - Holiday Bouquets!
I know many of you are planning holiday weddings and parties. These new flowers are textured to fit right in with the season. "Candy Cane" features Blush White Roses and White with red tip Lilies. "Noel" features rich, ruby red Lilies with Blush White Roses. "Yule" features Ruby Red Roses and Red lilies with a hit of white on the tips. You won't be dissapointed with the festive feel of these new themed collections. All three are available now in Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Double Rose Boutonniere, Single Rose Boutonniere, Deluxe Rose Boutonniere, Cake Topper and Wrist Corsage. Happy Holidays!

More Wedding Flower Colors!

New colors now available AT REQUEST for Evocative Floral wedding flowers!
I've added Coral, Persimmon, Peach, Teal, Jade, and Periwinkle to our bridal colors. They should be out for direct sale soon, but until then feel free to contact us if you need one of these colors to match your wedding theme.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fleur Noir Gowns Added!

Just added - Fleur Noir dresses! Sexy handmade lace flourishes, highlight these sexy new gowns from Lapointe BastChild. Available in either a full formal ballgown version or sweeping, lush mermaid style. Both choices come with the same sexy, lace corset and matching panties along with opera length gloves. Everything you need for a night out dancing or a party!
~ Bast

"S'Wear Morbid" tops now in store!

"Libertine Brocade" Suit now in store

Libertine Brocade men's suit set is now available from Lapointe & Bastchild designs. This set combines a modern feel with the more traditional styles of the past. With highly detailed hand painted lapels, cuffs and button straps this suit acheives a more realistic look and feel to previous brocade suits by Paul. The set also includes a boxed set of open and closed jackets in the traditional non-prim style to help those concerned about ARC impacted enviroments on role play sims. All the primwork is fully modify to achieve the best fit possible and more importantly to make it a role player friendly outfit. Soon to be available in 3 color sets the suit is for sale at Evocative island - New Designs and Gothic Obsession island - Gothic Men's store.

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Fallen" ArchAngel Now In Store!!

Just added - "Fallen"Archangel sets for men and women. We finally got them done and they turned out fantastic! Featuring sculpted armor, wings, belts and boots with lots of great detail - this set is perfect for roleplay! Available as a full avatar or as armor/clothing only basic sets. The full avatar also comes with a bonus katana.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Morbid Fleur Bridal Gown Set

Bast and i worked hard this week to complete our Morbid Fleur Bridal Gown set. This set completes our vision of the Morbid Fleur dress set with its highly detailed lace shrug to its delicate veil & tiara , all decorated with Bastchilds morbid hearts. This look is completed with ornate keys and cross charms added to the silk ribbons around the waist and finishing at the elegant bustle.For anyone wanting the ultimate Gothic Bridal gown this set is not to be missed.See the full 3 panel display now at gothic Obsession womens store and New Designs on Evocative island.

Modern Tuxedo slate suit set now available

The latest in the Modern Tuxedo range is the slate set. this set contains the new bow tie options as well as the wingtip collar choices. In store now with a selection of tie color and style add ons at Evocative island new designs and mens formals.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Store Now - S'wear Chemise Tops!

Just added a new line of smexy women's tops! Dangerously low cut and featuring sculpted straps, these chemise style tops are great for clubbing or just to style up your denim. Available in 10 different fabric singles (with both black lace and white lace versions included) or in a
FatPack Discount box! Have some fun.. be a bit daring.. and definitely hot, hot, hot!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Morbid Fleur" now In store!!!

Inspired by Bastchilds amazing Morbid range of jewelry i 've set out to make a dark Gothic ball gown with a twist in its design. Using the different icons from Basts jewelry not only in the prim detailing but referencing her amazing mended heart symbols in the fabric itself.I think finally my lace work in this set has come close to looking like the image i had in my minds eye.Bast and i are very excited about collaborating on a series of clothing and accessories in the "Morbid" brand that will include shoes and tattoos among other things so keep a look out as this series grows :).
Available now inworld are the Morbid Fluer ball gown and as a seperate the Morbid Fluer evening dress set. find them at Evocative new designs and Gothic Obsession womens stores.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Fallen" Archangel coming soon

Coming soon to the Archangel series is Fallen. With hand sculpted and painted armor and a huge attention to detail this set is not ot be missed. keep checking for updates on progress as this the set evolves and please give suggestions here on what you would like to see added to the set:).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Charm Bracelets for Women!

After many requests, I've begun to put out some charm bracelets for women. First is "Dead Man's Party" - a sister piece to the new Morbid Death necklaces. Both feature the same skulls that I just love. Second out is "Pandora" - a dark, moody bracelet with tortured hearts and one bright hopeful one. Both bracelets are available in your choice of gold, platinum, or black iron.

"Morbid Death" for men and women

Morbid Mended, Morbid Broken, and Morbid Heartbreaker have been so successful, it's clear that many of you have been looking for styles along these lines. Next out is Morbid Death - featuring the same shattered heart motif, but now with skulls. I just love the look of these skulls - a touch whimsical, a touch gothic. Available for men and women as shown above, or with a black glossy heart.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"TREASURE HUNT!!" Was a smashing success!

To celebrate the grand re-opening of Evocative we held a Fan Club Only Treasure hunt! See the attached pic to see what people hunted for - Golden Skulls!
We hid 2 Ruby Golden Skulls, 2 Golden Skulls and 1 Diamond Golden Skull somewhere on Evocative, Evocative Realm, or Gothic Obsession Islands on Saturday and Sunday. As you can see from the map pic.. people went wild looking for the skulls!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

"White Dragon" Now in store

Just added to the armor store - White Dragon. Fully sculpted armor with matching boots and helmet along with bonus katan. This design sets a new standard for fantasy armor with many pieces to mix and match. Fantastic, lush white armor textures with gold highlights - White Dragon is stately and fearsome. Available as a full avatar or in a clothing/armor only set.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Womens Shoe Store!!

To celebrate the arrival at Evocative of L&B'S new high heel collection, we rebuilt the women's footwear store on Evocative. Drop by this new display area to see all of the L&B women's shoes and boots now available. The new women's high heels are all part of the Naturale line that includes tintable sculpted feet and nails. The Naturale Hud included with each high heel purchase has 35 preset skin tints, custom tint availability, and 18 nail polish choices. Other options will be made available in the future as add ons - so keep watching for new shoes!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Gothic Dita" corset high heel boots

The new "Gothic Dita" corset boots have just hit the store! Completely sculpted, hand textured - these are incredibly sexy boots! The ribbon lacing goes up a cut in the boot that allows some peak-a-boo skin see through. Sleek shape to the boot and heel, satiny ribbon, and a new signature sole with the L&B gothic skull logo make these a boot for the woman that wants to make a statement. Available in your choice of black patent leather with red, pink, violet, jade, blue, or black ribbon.. or pick up the Fat Pack if you want all of the ribbon colors.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Dark Majestueux" Mens suit now in store

Just added to the fine line of gothic clothing, Dark Majesteux features fleur de lis and skulls for a fresh new look. Fantastic sculpted collar/lapel with or without tie, lace jabot, jeweled lace cuffs and a sculpted top hat with attached hair! Bonus pair of sunglasses finished off the look - this is the finest set yet for men. Come take a look at Gothic Obsession to see the set - you won't be disappointed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Darke Lion" Now in store!!!

Darke Lion has hit the stores! First in the new line of roleplay armor "Warrior", it is available in a male or female version. Both feature a horned helmet, breastplate, shoulder and arm armor, leg armor, battle skirts, and matching boots. The men's also has a spiked back armor piece, while the women's features a helmet with long hair attached. Full Avatar sets contain a bonus matching katana that sports the same lion head motiff as the sculpted armor. Fantastically textured, realistic builds, mix and matchable for different looks - Warrior will set a new standard for roleplay armor. Perfect for the serious roleplayer looking for an edgy set of armor.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Regency Black coming soon!!

Just a quick peak at Paul's next project! Black Regency is lush with silk and black skull lace. Rubies highlight jeweling on the sculpted collar/lapel and lace cuffs. Fantastic fit with gorgeous colors and textures - this will redefine luxury and elegance for the modern vampire. The set will come with a sculpted top hat that has hair already in place for a nice, neat look! Watch for this soon as we start rebuilding Gothic Obsession Island!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

White Dragon coming soon!

New Avatars coming soon!. Bast and i are on the final stages of making full fantasy Av's for men and women. The sets have been fully sculpted and hand textured in 3D programs for that natural look that will seperate you from the crowd.They will include full body armor(yes boots also) and be available in 2 box sets .The full Avatar versions will include highly detailed skins,shapes & hair plus a fully functioning Katana to give you all you need for the complete look you see on the box. If your just wanting the armor to add to your own Av it will be available seperately .These sets are a must see for Fantasy role players in SL and will be available in the coming weeks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Evocative Floral - New Location!

Evocative Floral's main store is now located on Evocative Realm! A huge new store full of our best wedding flowers! To celebrate, I've released the first in a new line of flowers "Calla&Rose".
The bridal bouquets are now available at the Evocative Floral Main store. Drop by to see the colors and check out the newest floral options!

Wedding Flowers - updated!

All of our Evocative Floral wedding flowers are updated with better lily sculpts, better textures and bouquets with a new AO that allows the bouquet to be held while walking, standing, sitting, or even running! Same great prices, even better flowers! Most colors available now in a Celebration 10 piece set at discount!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Vampyre" Black Now in Store!!

To complete our series of "Vampyre" Avatars Bast and i have made the darker more traditional pure black set after a number of customer requests.The sets come in both mens and womens and are available as full avatar or just clothing sets so yo ucan mix and match with earlier sets. Available now in New Designs Evocative island, Evocative mens, Evocative womens & Gothic Obsession islands main store entrance.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Evocative Home - Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Paul wanted to give everyone more options for outdoor furniture and now the Rattan selection is available. First out are the Rattan Club Chairs. Sculpted for a casual, organic look of woven rattan balanced with lush cushions and pillows in silk. Great for indoors or out, this lovely chairs are versatile as well as comfortable. The club chairs come with 1 animation and are only 6 prims. Available in the dark rattan, with white silk cushions and your choice of Jade Floral, Seafoam, Cream, or Sunset silk pillows.

Evocative Home - Decor Options

New from Evocative Home - Candles and flower arrangements for your decorating needs. Candles come in packs of 3 sizes and are available in Rose, Cherry, Sunset, Citrus, Vanilla, Apple Green, Sage, Sea, Sky, Lilac, or Violet. All candles have particle flames and are scripted to turn on/off with a touch. Flower arrangements in a white glazed bud vase are available in your choice of rose colors - Antique Pink, Royal Blue, Sunset, Cocoa, Claret, and Jade. Claret is also available in a black and red glazed vase for the more gothic minded.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Evocative Home - NOW OPEN!

We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of Evocative Home! Located on our third sim, Evocative Realm, Evocative Home is a premium furniture and decor store. We have featured a Modern/Eastern fusion in style and hope our lavishly textured, top quality sculpted items will be perfect for your new home. Drop by to see what we have created! We have overstuffed couches and arm chairs, lush beds, modern leather furniture, a great selection of lamps as well as ceramics, rugs, and more!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chained Heart Boots now in Store!

Just released - new Chained Heart Ankle Boots for women. These new sculpted boots come with a scripted cuff to allow you to change the look without additional cost! The cuff can be worn plain, with a silver chain, gold chain or black chain. The boots come in your choice of Blood Red, Maroon, Violet, Black or White.