Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toy Selfies!
Toy selfie from Toys are Evil. I have no idea why i'm posting this i just thought it would make some people smile :)))

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Color "Zipp" Pants in Leather!

Paul worked very hard to get these leather pants out so you can match the Classic Color Leather Jackets!  But honestly, I think they are just gorgeous by themselves!

Three lengths (including tucked) along with a HUD that gives you 23 color leather options!

Grab a set and have all the colors you need for Spring and beyond!


Friday, March 21, 2014

New! Women's "Zipp" Pants in Black!

Sexy new pants for the ladies! "Zipp" Pants - Black set features 12 leathers and 3 fabrics for very modern, clean looks perfect for clubbing, biker babes or even the goth ladies out there!

Black leather, PVC, Paneled leather, Dipped leather along with Plaid, Camo, and Pinstripe.. all in the same set!  Our low lag Texture HUD gives you all kinds of great looks in this one set!

They feature double zippers on the hips for a cool, edgy look - and we give you three lengths (includes tucked).


Saturday, March 1, 2014

New! "Racing" Leather Jacket for Men!

The guys have been left out a bit lately - but not any more! Just out are the "Racing" Leather jackets. Great new open front jacket style that features sleek lines, zips and more...

Comes with our best yet HUD - 6 leather color options, 18 t-shirts, and 4 track tops. Yes.. you get bonus Tshirt and Track Top inserts for your jacket!

The Tshirt and Track Top Addons come with tucked and untucked versions. Perfect to wear with the Classic Jeans we released not very long ago.

Guys.. don't miss this set! Only 599 L$.