Sunday, March 21, 2010

Engraveable bracelet!

We've had a lot of requests for a women's ID bracelet. Starstruck is the first of a few new bracelets that will be engraveable. Starstruck is available in either platinum or gold and in your choice of ruby or pink topaz.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"S'Wear" Sorbet Hoodie Collection

Tired of Winter and dark colors? Sorbet is the latest in the S'Wear Brand of casual wear .This set is light and colorful to wish in the change of seasons.Available in five luscious colors blue strawberry,blueberry,grape,lime & strawberry pictured above .The sets include detailed sculpty hood & cuffs,sculpted large belt, two pairs of pants both boot fit & Capri with matching cuffs.Available now inworld at Evocative New Designs & Evocative Women's clothing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lovers' Necklaces

After many requests, I've finally released a set of rings on a necklace. They can be engraved with names inside or outside for an additional fee. Each necklace features one ring with a small diamond accent and one plain ring. Great for everyone. especially people that want something personalized but don't care for dog tags.. available in a men's fit or women's fit and in your choice of silver or gold.

Fashion rings!

Now in store! Fashion rings - Marcus and Attitude! Marcus evokes images of gladiators with it's rough woven look - perfect for any guy that wants an edgy ring for his right hand. Available in Black Iron, Gold Or Silver. Attitude is a selection of pre-stacked rings with saying on them.. the first set is Hot and Spoiled! Pick the one that matches your mood. Enjoy and have fun mixing these into your wardrobe.

Celestial Wedding Rings!

Another gorgeous addition to our premium wedding rings! Celestial features super realistic diamonds as well as delicate wire work - giving a light and airy look to the set. A touch steam punk, a touch new age... men's band and women's rings are sold separately. Each has a proposal animation box that matches the ring for asking that special question! The women's ring includes a matching engagement ring.

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Envy" for Men Now In Store!!

Envy for men has hit the stores . The women's set was such a hit that Paul knew the guys were looking for a similar options. Multiple looks included in this set.. ranging from edgy street to club hyper sexual! Rips in the right places.. leather to fondle.. what more could you ask for! Sculpted jacket vest for guys, sculpted belt, multiple top versions (show off your muscles guys!), and sexy leather pants.... all in one set. Is it me or is it HOT in here?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New line of Premium Wedding Jewelry!

We've been working hard to get new products out - so we are proud to announce the newest wedding jewelry! New ultra realistic gem sculpts set these rings off and are styled with both classic and modern elements. Watch for more in the future, but the first out are the Bold wedding bands, Ethereal wedding rings and Caged wedding rings. I'm particularly pleased with Caged and Caged Love - check the engagement ring for a small heart hiding under the main stone! Crafted with partnerships in mind.. the Ethereal and Caged rings come with matching proposal animations ring boxes! Yes.. both men's and women's! We've always believed.. guys like to be proposed to just as much as the ladies. Enjoy and watch for more new jewelry items soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

S'Wear Envy Now In Store!!

Swear Envy is now in store.This set just screams sexy in every direction, it includes a sculpted vest jacket with all the details you have come to expect.To make sure you get to mix and match like crazy we have included a micro mini, leather pants, double belt, lace chemise, short and long sleeve sheer tops in both naughty & modest styles :) and finally lace panties.If your wanting to turns heads come and See "Envy" at New Designs Evocative Island and women's clothing Evocative all for just 499L.