Sunday, December 21, 2008

NEW "Underworld cloak" Sets

Now available with sculpted and animated hoods is the second generation of underworld cloaks.In dark violet, blood red and slate black . the sets include the bodice,pants,ankle and shoulder cuffs plus a plain cloak with no cross. a simple touch animation for opening and closing the hood has been added. see the sets in world at "Evocative" new designs and in women's "Gothic Obsession" .

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Wedding Set!

Just in time for the holidays, Lotus is a beautiful wedding set for women. Featuring an elegant triple pear engagement ring, fantastic stylized lotus flower wedding band and bonus animated proposal box. Available in platinum or in gold.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Atelier Evocative presents "Gossamer"

Just added to the new Weddings and Formals store on Evocative - a sexy, sophisticated line of delicate color wedding dresses. Super hot on the runways and featured highly in couture presentations, color wedding dresses are a step above expected. Perfect for the bride that doesn't want to look like everyone else or for those of you wanting to renew your vows while wearing something spectacular! Layers of chiffon over silk and lace give a subtle shimmer and shine that moves as you do. Features a fantastic bustle flexi gown, silk corsets, shrugs, gloves and lingerie. available in Ice Blue, Jade, Lavender and Plum. All sets come with matching floral veil and blusher.

Atelier Evocative presents - Evocative Floral!

Now out in the new Weddings and Formals store on Evocative - Evocative Floral! Beautiful arrangements to please any bride. Featuring bouquets for bride and bridesmaids with hold pose and sexy walk as well as the perfect boutonniere (buttonhole) for the groomsmen.
Currently available in Pink, Blush (off white), Scarlet (bright red), Claret (blood red), and Plum in the "Lace and Pearl" style. Also now available to match some fantastic colored wedding dresses Paul has created - we have wedding party flowers in Ice Blue/Jade and Lavender/Plum for the Gossamer line!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Evocative Formals now available in new store

A major transformation has taken place at Evocative island with Bridal & Formals gaining a new larger store dedicated to formal and bridal wear. The new store is a combination of modern and elegant in its design and in its atmosphere. Bastchild and i worked hard to create a complete range of formal suits for men and gowns for ladies with the exciting new addition of highly detailed sculpty bouquets and flowers by Bastchild.These flowers are in my opinion at the peak of sculpted realism and beauty in Sl floral art. As a celebration of the new store i created an entire range of men's formal suits with my most detailed sculpty collars,ties and lapels. the suits come in a massive range of colors for tuxedos and tie combinations .Soon to be added is a selection of add on sculpty ties and pocket squares so any color scheme can be matched for that special occasion. come and visit us at our new Bridal & formals store at Evocative island and see the variety of style available.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Narcisse casual shirt range now in store

The Narcisse casual set includes two styles . The tucked in shirt look with a highly detailed sculpty belt to finish the look and the more casual untucked look. All sets come with sculpted collar,cuffs & belt and are fitted with re sizer menu for easy sizing.If your after a more natural 3D look to your clothes in SL then don't miss this set for men at $299L for ingle colors or just $799L for all eight colors making it a bargain purchase.The shirts are available in New Designs Evocative and Men's Evocative stores

Monday, November 3, 2008


coming soon the Narcisse casual range of shirts and suits this set will include the latest in sculpted collars , cuffs and belts to give the most natural look SL has to offer in couture

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Narcisse Regency" Blood suit

New to the Narcisse range of suits the Blood set contains all the extras you have to come to expect plus a new feature the Sculpted Jabot with sheer skull ruffled lace.Now in store at New Designs and in Gothic Obsession Men's. Three looks from open chest to formal silk tie .The elegant double layer skirt feature ornate Avenging Angel crosses by Bastchild lotus and sculpted skulls on a tie pin and cuff links By Paul Lapointe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Voodoo" Now in store!!!!

Both these sets were inspired by Bastchild and i exploring the dark streets of New Orleans French quarter and the infamous home of Madame Laveau full of dark magic and Voodoo. Just the thing for Halloween to give you that dangerous look as you Explore SL's darker side :) Both sets are priced at $599 L check them out at our New Halloween store on Evocative.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"FAERY" in store now

Finally the first of our Faery series is in store now at Evocative new designs and Evocative Magicks Gothic obsession store. Yes its not technically Gothic but its waiting until we finish building our new fantasy sim "Realm" :). Coming soon next door to the Magick graveyard it will feature Pagan , Faery ,Fantasy avatars and more so keep an eye on this blog for the opening date.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Narcisse Femme" Slate suit in store

Due to many requests by women for a version of the mens slate pinstripe suit i decided to make a much more feminine and ornate version . The set includes 4 tops:open jacket, shrug lace corset & low cut corset Lace cuffs.2 pant sets one hipster.Patent leather boots and more . come to our store in world to see the entire set modeled by one of our L&B models on Evocative island

New "Erosion"slate pinstripe shirt set

Continuing on with the Erosion series of shirts is the slate pinstripe set. This set has all the extras the other sets contain. Sculpted collar, pockets, cuff with cuff links and rolled up sleeves versions.A casual yet sophisticated grey pinstripe look combined with Bastchilds stylish cuff link selection.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Narcisse Slate & Regency Slate pinstripe suit sets

The third in my Narcisse suit collection this slate grey formal set is a natural progression from the dark brooding black pinstripe original . As a first it includes a sculpty collar and tie version along with all the other details prim work of the original set. it also includes two skirt types for different styles and like the other sets highly detailed buckled boots. Due to popular demand i made the set in the Regency style with the delicately detailed silver jeweled crosses by Bastchild Lotus .The White set has become hugely popular due mostly to Bastchilds amazing jewelry on the collar and cuffs.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"White Angel" now In Store

It's out! After many requests, Paul finished the set and it's now available in Armor, Gothic, and New Designs.
Fantastic Silk and Lace corset, jacket skirts (short and long), shrugs (long and short sleeved), hipsters, leg straps, wrist cuffs, arm ruffles, TWO sets of Sculpted wings .The first set has open close on touch and the second is a lower prim version with Glow.the boots are included and a Halo with touch on/off light .Most prim work is fitted with re sizer menu for easy size changes.
Check out the pic or drop by to see the set! Fantastic with or without the wing options.

"Sneakers" Mens Now in Store!

Now Available on Evocative and Evocative Magick stores are sneakers for men . Fully sculpted and fitted with re sizer menu these sneakers are available in several colors and themes with more to come. Women's will be available in the next few weeks .

Monday, August 4, 2008

"Antique Lace & silk" wedding set

After a great deal of work this timeless classic is now in store. With a subtle combination of lace and ivory silk it will make any bride know shes the centre of attention. This set includes several combinations including an elegant silk shrug with lace cuffed gloves and a choice of two corsets and two Gowns to suit many tastes. Also as a first for Lapointe and Bastchild Designs the set includes a stunning sculpted bouquet crafted by Bastchild Lotus containing a brides "At the Altar" holding animation . Please visit us at Evocative to see why we are so proud of this design.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Evocative Boots for men and women!

We've been working like crazy to get more great boots out for men and women. The new boots all feature touch resizer scripting to make fitting easier! The Pinstripe and Silk Variation for women are available in Ruby, Jade and Ocean Green - designed to go with the beautiful Satine mini and hipster sets.
Regency was inspired by the Narcisse Regency suit set for men. Now they are available separately and also are available in a women's version!
Buckled are a great basic boot for men - similar to the Selene set for women. Also available for men is the pinstripe version of boots previously only availble in the Narcisse Sin suit set.
Keep watching for more great boots!

Friday, July 18, 2008

"Erosion"Mens Shirt set with Sculpted Accessories

An awesome new men's set! Two different black pinstriped shirts in one box. The short sleeved shirt sports a mostly open front, sculpted collar, and sculpted rolled sleeve cuffs. The long sleeve has a closed front, sculpted collar, and sculpted cuffs with attached cuff links. Cuff links come in two metals (gold and silver) and two gems (sapphire and ruby).
Now in New Designs, Men's and Gothic.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

'New 'Narcisse Femme" pinstripe set

This elegant women's pinstripe set Includes Shrug, plain & lace corsets, hipsters & plain pants, flexi skirt & cuffs,leg,arm & waist belts,patent boots. (All prim work is fitted with re sizer menu for easy touch resizing)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

New "Modern Baroque' Grey silk Dress Set

Sexy, edgy, and seductive this set features an exposed hoop skirt, plunge neckline, and delicate lace. Included are two flexi skirts, satin underskirt, shrug with flexi cuffs, lingerie set, sexy corset, veil, blusher, diamond crown, gloves and bonus tattoo.

New "Narcisse Regency" Mens White Suit Set

A fantastic new white suit set for men was just created - inspired by the wedding of one of our models! Sculpty Collar and lapels with jewels, flexi jacket, chained belt, prims cuffs, three jacket variations, pants, gloves, leg and arm straps and bonus matching men's boots.
Perfect for Princes, Angels, Vampires or just damn sexy guys!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Coming soon - Faery by Lapointe & BastChild

Coming soon - more Fantasy items! More wings, skins, eyes, clothes, and jewelry. First out will be the Faery sets featuring skins, wings, silks, and matching jewelry. Watch for them to hit the store soon on Evocative Magick.


Just out - Evocative Eyes Naturals 2

The Evocative Eyes products have been very popular and a number of fans have requested color sets. The Naturals 2 sets come in Blues, Browns or Green. Each has 5 variations of the same color on white backgrounds. Bonus eyes with slight bloodshot tint is added too!

~ Bast

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New - Evocative Eyes Sorcery

Fresh out from Evocative Eyes - Sorcery! Perfect for any fantasy, vampire, or even alien character. Three backgrounds included - white, midnight, and bloodshot. The starbust in the center of the eye is just large enough to be striking but small enough to just look a bit unusual from a distance. Enjoy wearing these for your unique look!


Friday, May 30, 2008


Finally done and completely amazing! The Black Anubis set is more than an update to the original Anubis Avatar set - it's a complete new set with prim body parts, flexi cape armor, clothing, skin, shape, and working staff weapon. The head is animated with jaw opening and closing while the helmet moves. Great sounds.. awesome look ... definitely worth waiting for!

available at Evocative Magick armor store, to visit click the SLURL on the right of our blog

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In store now - Slave Rings for women

After many fan requests, I have finally been able to get some slave ring sets completed and into the store. Each set features a torc like bracelet connected to a ring with chain. Both the right and left hand slave rings are included. These are available in gold or silver in the plain chain versions and the diamond versions, the ruby sets will also be available in a black iron metal.

Great for gothic , pagan, or gorean looks or just to show some attitude on the dance floor.


In Store now - Evil Eye and Cats Eye pendants.

Just out, a new delicate choker with drop scuplted gemstones and a center pendant featuring an "evil" eye. Traditionally used as amulets for protection and for good luck - these have a more gothic twist. The Cats Eye versions feature a less gothic look and have brighter gemstone choices. Drop by to see the whole selection - who couldn't use a little more luck?

New for men~ Evocative Boots "Buckled"

Just out - Evocative Boots for men "Buckled". Similar in style to the boots included in the new Narcisse Sin men's suit set, these feature plain straps on the boots. As with all new boots, this set also includes easy to use resizer menus for that custom fit!


Runway Ad for June

We are proud to be advertising in RUNWAY magazine starting in June. This is the first time Lapointe & BastChild has advertised in any Second Life based magazine and we are very excited about the oppourtunity.

You can subscribe to RUNWAY by using any one of the kiosks present on Evocative or Evocative Magick Islands.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Narcisse Sin" Mens suit set

New for Men is the Narcisse Sin' suit set. finally i managed to make my first Pinstripe suit with all the extras.This set is for those wanting that bad boy edgy look, a mix of the sophisticated and the rebel hiding in us all.The set includes Sculpty collar and lapels , flexi skirt, prim arm, leg & waist belts with buckles, Wrist cuffs, Sculpty buckled Boots, 3 Pinstripe Jackets :Zipper, open neck & Sleeveless, Pinstripe Pants, Gloves & Tattoo. Available at Evocative and Evocative Magick

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Underworld Selene"

Due to many, many and i mean many requests i have finally made an outfit based on the character Selene .The set includes an ornate jacket with sculpty collar, 2 pvc tops ,PVC Bra, 2 pairs of pants, highly detailed buckled sculpty boots, PVC gloves, sculpted leg holsters, arm cuffs and vivid blue Selene eyes. all the prim work is loaded with an easy to use re sizer menu so that perfect fit is just a touch away.If your wanting the complete look the skin in the promo is also available separately.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Paul and I would like to thank M0lly Dench and Maggie Mahoney of RUNWAY magazine for featuring Lapointe & BastChild in the new, May 2008 issue. Imagine our excitement when we found out not only did our fashions get showcased in the feature "The Edge" but also on the cover! M0lly's article on our designs was a delight to read and we feel she captured perfectly how much we care about our customers and love the creativity provided by SL.

Vera Canning, photographer, produced some of the best pictures I've ever seen from SL. Her ability to make the most of light and shadow and use of an incredible location brought our creations to life. Additionally, we were very happy to work with EmmZ Tzara and Nicholai Shepherd - two incredibly gifted models - both brought a delicious, sexy edge to our fashions.

RUNWAY is an incredibly well written and created magazine - arguably the best in SL. We look forward to working with them again in the future. Please drop by either Evocative or Evocative Magick to pick up a copy of the magazine from the circulation kiosks.