Thursday, November 13, 2008

Evocative Formals now available in new store

A major transformation has taken place at Evocative island with Bridal & Formals gaining a new larger store dedicated to formal and bridal wear. The new store is a combination of modern and elegant in its design and in its atmosphere. Bastchild and i worked hard to create a complete range of formal suits for men and gowns for ladies with the exciting new addition of highly detailed sculpty bouquets and flowers by Bastchild.These flowers are in my opinion at the peak of sculpted realism and beauty in Sl floral art. As a celebration of the new store i created an entire range of men's formal suits with my most detailed sculpty collars,ties and lapels. the suits come in a massive range of colors for tuxedos and tie combinations .Soon to be added is a selection of add on sculpty ties and pocket squares so any color scheme can be matched for that special occasion. come and visit us at our new Bridal & formals store at Evocative island and see the variety of style available.

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