Saturday, December 20, 2014

New! "Teese" Leather Corset Dress

New!  Teese Leather Corset Dress!

Paul thought the ladies might like the Teese style in a dress for the holidays!

This sexy dress features the Teese style halter corset top and pencil skirt style bottom. This is a one piece - the parts can not be worn as separates.

Comes with a 26 color HUD along with metal options and a new Contrast option!  You can mix color along with black for even more varied looks!

Try a demo or just grab a copy today!

FREE L&B Necklace at KittyCatS! (Advent Calendar Giveaway)

L&B is proud to be participating in the KittyCatS! Advent Calendar giveaway this year!

Our FREE gift is available today at this location:

This unisex leather cord necklace features a Celtic Heart, Cat coin, and a framed message that proclaims "Love Me, Love My Cat".

There are many other great free gifts in the Advent Calendar from other top designers.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

F R O S T 2014 event - L&B Exclusive Item!

F R O S T event by Depraved Nation opens TODAY! FROST 2014 is now open and L&B is proud to be participating for our 2nd year!

The L&B exclusive item for sale at the FROST 2014 event is the Sexy PVC "Teese" Halter Corset (features black body and belt with contrasting color cups, straps, and collar).

The HUD gives you options for solid black corset, black with 11 different contrast colors, and 10 different hardware metal options.

This new corset is ONLY available at the FROST 2014 event on the Metropolis sim - today through Jan 3rd.

Giftable via the vendor - make sure to choose Gift and then follow the directions.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Please Vote for AviChoice Awards - LAST DAY!

Avi Choice Fashion Awards Poster v5

Lapointe & BastChild is proud to announce we were nominated in 8 categories 
in the AviChoice Awards for this year!

Today is the LAST DAY to vote for your favorite brands - please consider taking a bit of time to go through the list and vote for your favorites!

L&B can be found under these categories in order of how they appear on the ballot:

*Favorite Jewelry Store

*Favorite Male Shoe Designer

*Favorite Women’s Casual Apparel

*Favorite Original Mesh Fashion Designer

*Favorite Men’s Casual Apparel

*Favorite Men’s Formal Apparel

*Favorite Urban Clothing Designer Male

*Favorite Gothic/Steampunk Fashion Designer

Friday, December 5, 2014

New! Death Royale Special Edition version "Urban" Biker Jacket for men!

Feeling a bit edgy? Holidays not your thing? Maybe you need a dose of Death Royale!

Paul just released a special edition Death Royale "Urban" Biker jacket for men!

A lot of our most popular Death Royale graphics on the back of our new Urban jacket - 13 graphic designs with bonus 2 plain black versions.

That's 15+ jackets in one set along with two styles of T-shirt Addons to make this one heck of a dark addition to your fall wardrobe.

Long time favorite themes have been updated - Lock King, Sugar Skull King, Chained King, Phoenix, Morte and so many more!

This set is also compatible with the original "Urban" biker jacket - so you can mix and match.


Friday, November 21, 2014

New! "Teese" Leather Corset

Corset. Leather. Yes!

Paul just released our first mesh corset! "Teese" is a super sexy leather corset that comes in 9 sizes! He worked super hard to make sure it works well with our Zipp leather pants and our Zipp Mini skirt.

"Teese" comes with a HUD that gives you 26 leather options and 10 different metal hardware choices.

In this set, Paul did three additional sizes - Busty versions of Extra Small, Small and Medium for the ladies that are a bit curvier!

Give the free demo a try to check the new sizes then drop by in world or Marketplace to grab a copy. It's a great addition to any L&B wardrobe!

Friday, November 7, 2014

New! Men's "Urban" Biker Jacket set

Just in time for winter, comes our new Men's "Urban" Biker Jacket!

An all new leather jacket style that is modern and sleek while still being very masculine.

This leather jacket set includes a Hoodie AddOn and T-shirt AddOns in two lengths (Tucked and Untucked).

As with all our new releases, this set comes with a uber HUD! 20 leather choices, 10 Hoodie choices, 8 Hood lining options, 18 T-shirts and a bonus 5 Jacket Hardware metals.

You can wear the jacket alone or you can wear it with one of the AddOns! So many options in one package.. you won't need anything else to get through the winter season!

Everything in one set - just 699 L$.  Works with our Classic jeans!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Body Modification Expo! Exclusive Necklace

 Lapointe & BastChild Designs is proud to be a co-sponsor for the Depraved Nation "Body Modification Expo" event starting today!

This is an event featuring a huge number of designers - all with tattoos, skin, hair, jewelry, shoes and other accessories!  Every Merchant will have at least one Exclusive item only on sale at this event.

 Our exclusive item for the Body Modification Expo event is a new necklace! It's designed to match up perfectly with our previous edition "Pear Drop" earrings and ring!

Only available at the Depraved Nation event - starting today through the end of October.

The "Pear Drop" Necklace is ~ 18 inch chunky chain with lobster claw clasp - it features a double teardrop stone pendant and stone clasp dangle. The HUD included gives you 3 metal choices (silver, yellow gold, & rose gold) along with 10 stone choices (amber, agate, amethyst, turquoise, tigers eye, flame agate, ocean jasper, onyx, sonora sunrise jasper, and raw ruby.  Price is 399 L$

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New! Women's "Classic" Cargo Shorts Fatpack

Just added!  Women's version of the "Classic" Cargo Shorts Fatpack!

Redone with colors just for the ladies - this full set comes with 6 sizes (standard plus) and our famous L&B Texture HUD. You get 4 camo choices, 6 striped choices, and 10 plain color choices all in one set!  Bonus 6 belt versions and 2 hardware options included.

These work really well with a number of our tops - so mix and match for your unique look! Demo available - get your set from our in world Mainstore or MarketplaceSL.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

New! "Carissa" Ankle Boots!

These booties are super sexy with stiletto heel and lush leather.  They feature a studded front for that fashion forward hint of rock and roll.

Our famous L&B HUD will give you 24 leather colors, 2 sole colors and 11 hardware options!

These boots will work well with both pants and skirts AND are the perfect addition for your Autumn wardrobe.

Demo available - purchase in world or via Marketplace!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Group Gift!

Paul felt we were way overdue for a group gift - so he put these nifty sets together!  They are exclusively for members of our inworld group "Lapointe & BastChild Designs" (our offical SL fan club group).   It's just a little something to say thank you for your loyalty - we have THE best fans in all of SL!

Ladies get a Classic Tank Top set with 10 new graphic textures.

Guys get a Classic T-Shirt set with 10 new graphic textures.

So - just wear your group tag and go to Evocative. The Group Gift display is on the west side of the main courtyard.  Touch the vendor and it will give you your very own free set!

(*if you aren't a member of our inworld group - the minimal fee of 25 L$ will get you signed up and ready to get our free gifts.)

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Mainstore on Evocative!

We spent the last month working on new store layouts for the Evocative sim & last night we finally put them into place!

The Swear casual wear stores are now in the center of the sim - featuring all the newest items in mesh.  Women's (North) and Men's (South) are still on opposite sides of the sim to keep shopping easier.

Our men's Formal Wear now has it's own store just to the east of the Swear store - a beautiful and easy to navigate shop full of mesh tuxedos, add ons and dress shoes. (Ladies store to follow in the future).

No fear for you sculpt lovers out there.. we kept the older products at YOUR request - they now have their home in the Swear Vintage stores on the West side of the sim. 

Now for the fun part!  We hope to have Swear Limited open in the near future - where you can go to find Limited release items for new releases.  We also hope to have both a gatcha area and a new fan club gift location.

Come see all the pretty, shiny newness!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New! District 5 Exclusive - "Candy" Mini Skirt!

District 5 is here! L&B has a brand new, exclusive item for the event - our "Candy" Mini Skirt in Tartan!

This sexy, short skirt comes in 6 sizes and comes with an super HUD: 20 different preset looks, 19 leather colors, 22 tartan choices and 8 different hardware options!

This sexy skirt will work with our Jackets and many of out tops - the colors are from our popular palette and should match well with our leathers.

Take time to try the Demo.. the rigging is fantastic and work really well as you move.

Try the demo - then grab the set - it's such a bargain at only 499 L$ for the entire set.

District 5 is now OPEN and you can find our exclusive item here: 

after the event it will be available in our main store.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New! Women's "Classic" Tank Tops

We heard that the ladies all felt left out when we released the Men's tanks.. so here are some just for Women!

Our new "Classic" Tank Tops for women have a sexy, sleeveless fit that drapes below the hips. We added in a 2nd length too that hits just at the hips - so you can mix and match with more outfits!

This set comes with a super HUD that gives you 38 graphic tee choices along with 16 plain knit colors. It's like getting more than 50+ tops in one.. all for only 499 L$.

These are perfect for the rest of the summer and those warm autumn nights.

Grab a demo to check the new fit - we even added in a few new sizes!

Friday, August 1, 2014

New! Men's "Classic" Cargo Shorts Fatpack

Just released - Classic Men's Cargo Shorts.

Paul's great cargo short style now in Classic colors.  Guys - get this great set that comes with seven sizes and a super HUD.

The HUD features 4 camo styles, 10 plain colors, 6 side stripe versions, along with 6 belt colors and 2 hardware choices.  All this for only 499 L$.

This is the perfect set for summer and fall - works great with our Tank Top sets for men or the Classic Tshirts.

Grab a demo today and get a set today!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Project Limited! Reopening at Midnight!

Project Limited will REOPEN tonight at Midnight SLT.  All designers will have set out at least one new Limited item!

L&B will have 5 new items: 

*Men's Cargo Shorts in 2 new themes - Oni Samurai and Death Warrior. 
*Women's Cargo Shorts in 2 new themes - Ganesha Lotus and Koi Pond.
*Men's Tank Top Set - Limited Edition : Samurai Dreams.

Only 150 copies of each set will be sold.  Project Limited will be open until July 30th.

Grab your favorites before they disappear!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New! Men's "Gods & Demons" Tank T-shirt set.

Paul is on a roll now with some super cool new graphics. He's been knocking out all kind of new themes..

He thought the guys would like a new set of tank t-shirts to wear with the cargo shorts.

Just out are the Gods&Demons set! Features three lengths (long, regular, and half-tucked) and a HUD with 2 plain, 2 camo, and 5 graphics themed choices!

These tanks work perfect with our classic jeans and our cargo shorts. The set is 499 L$.

Try the demo to see the new themes - then grab your set today!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Limited! Women's Cargo Shorts - Flor de la Muerte!

The ladies have spoken.. and they want Cargo Shorts! Paul worked hard the last few days to get a women's version of the Cargo shorts ready!

A Limited theme version is now available ONLY at Project Limited for the ladies.. it's called Flor de la Muerte!

The build was remade and fitted just for the ladies! The Theme features Sugar Skulls, Fortune Tellers, Hearts and Roses! Like the guys the HUD will give a plain green camo, plain B&W camo, along with the Flor graphic green camo and Flor graphic B&W camo. Bonus belt and hardware options finish out the HUD.  All this for only 499 L$.

These are beyond cool - perfect for the lady that wants a little summer attitude!

Only 200 copies of the women's Flor de la Muerte will be sold!

Try the demo and then grab your set before they are gone!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Project Limited July! Men's Cargo Shorts Limited Edition.

Project Limited for July starts today at Noon SLT!  We are proud to be participating again with this excellent Depraved Nation event. 

Our Limited Edition item are Men's Cargo Shorts!  We have two themes ready for the start of the event - each will sell only 200 copies before they are no longer available.

Each theme will come with 7 standard sizes and a texuture HUD with green camo plain, black&white camo plain, green camo graphic, and black&white camo graphic fabric choices.  There are also 3 belt color options as well!

Dragon Demon theme features dragon and demon designs on the graphic camo versions.  Green Skull theme features various skulls on the graphic camo versions.

Get in quick before they sell out!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New! Women's "Capri" Denim Pants

Another perfect addition for your summer wardrobe - Denim Capri Pants!

This set features sexy curves and a cuffed leg that falls just below the knee. Includes a texture HUD with 8 different plain denim choices and 4 fantastic denim textures!

Perfect to pair with our Boho top or the Bianca camisoles - you can't go wrong with addition to your L&B collection.

Available inworld and on Marketplace. The set is only 499L$ and as always, free demo available.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Special Edition! New "Modern Open" Pinstripe Tux in Hermitage

The first Special Edition version of the new Modern Open Pinstripe Tuxedo is out - Hermitage! Gorgeous Wine colors works for traditional occasions to edgy looks.

Same great new 2.0 open jacket build and pants, better scripts and fully compatible with all of the new 2.0 Modern Tux Deluxe AddOns!,

You get 6 vests choices, 4 shirts, 4 tie/pocket squares, 4 jackets and 4 pants. What a value!

Friday, June 13, 2014

New! Modern OPEN Pinstripe Tuxedos!

Just in time for the start of wedding season, we finally got the open front versions of the popular pinstripe tuxedos out for sale.

This new build is sleeker with a trim, modern feel.  Paired with new scripts this is the start of the Modern Tuxedo 2.0 line!  Our previous tuxes will be re-released with the new builds and scripts over the next few days.

Check this new set - features a long awaited request - pinstripe vests too!  Now you can wear this as a casual suit, a three piece, or a tuxedo... the HUD gives you 4 shirts, 6 vests, 4 ties and pocket squares, plus the 4 jacket and pants versions. All this for only 799 L$.

AddOn are now available for the new 2.0 tuxedos - so check for those too!

Friday, May 30, 2014

New! Men's "Classic" T-shirt Set (Graphics Edition)

We didn't forget the guys this summer!  Just out is our Men's Classic T-shirt  Set (Graphics Edition).

This is a classic Short Sleeve t-shirt set that has two versions included: Tucked and Untucked. The Set comes with a fantastic texture HUD that gives you 41 graphic tee choices and 16 plain tees.

All this for one low price - you won't need to buy another t-shirt all year!  Graphic Tee themes range from racing, gothic, urban and much more.

These were designed to work perfectly with the Men's Classic Jeans w/Belt!

So give the demo a go, grab your set.. then let us know which T-Shirt is your favorite!

Friday, May 9, 2014

New! "Classic Boyfriend" Jeans for Women!

Ah summer.. time to steal the boyfriend's jeans, cuff them up and go out on the town!

Yes.. our "Classic Boyfriend" jeans are now out for the ladies! Same great look as our men's Classic jeans, but rigged for a female avatar.

Slightly slouchy, a little less curvy, but with a nice low rise that hints at sexiness. Comes in a cuffed lengths - feet and shoes for different footwear.

But wait.. there's more! Our HUD gives you 10 denims and belt choices (23 leathers, 7 metals).. all in one great set!

Pairs VERY nicely with the Boho blouse.  We road tested these with Slink Feet and shoes and they look great!

Grab a demo - this is a new fit/style! Then get a set - one low price of 599 L$ for all the denim you'll need for summer!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New! "Boho" Peasant Blouse Set!

New! "Boho" Peasant Blouse Set!

Paul noticed that things are heating up and the ladies needed a nice sexy & sweet top to go with all our jeans and skirts.

Boho is a cropped top with long sleeves, features gentle drape and off the shoulder fit. The set comes with an uber HUD of 32 gauze colors (some ombre!), 21 Retro Silks, and 6 prints.

That's 50+ looks.. all for one crazy low price of only 399 L$.

Grab a demo - check the fit and then rush to get the MUST have top for spring and summer!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New! Bianca Color Knit Camisoles!

New! Color Knit Bianca Camisoles!

The ladies have waited patiently and they are finally here! The 24 color Bianca Camisole Knit set is a perfect range of hues for summer through fall!

You get the 6 great sizes plus the two styles Regular and Cropped to mix and match with our Zipp leather pants and Mini Leather Skirts!

These are a perfect color match!

Grab a Demo to check out or just get the Set - 24 colors for one low price!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New! Men's "Classic" Blazer Set!

New men's "Classic" Blazer set! A great new casual jacket set that includes two bonus T-shirt Addons (tucked and untucked). Works perfect with our Classic Jeans w/ Belt.

This set comes with a HUD that gives 8 fabric choices (two pinstripes, noir, slate, blue, a grey plaid, a brown tweed, and brown corduroy. You also get a range of 14 graphic tees, 4 plain t-shirts and one nautical stripe.

All this in one set just 599 L$! (Jacket can be worn without the T-shirt AddOns.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toy Selfies!
Toy selfie from Toys are Evil. I have no idea why i'm posting this i just thought it would make some people smile :)))

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Color "Zipp" Pants in Leather!

Paul worked very hard to get these leather pants out so you can match the Classic Color Leather Jackets!  But honestly, I think they are just gorgeous by themselves!

Three lengths (including tucked) along with a HUD that gives you 23 color leather options!

Grab a set and have all the colors you need for Spring and beyond!


Friday, March 21, 2014

New! Women's "Zipp" Pants in Black!

Sexy new pants for the ladies! "Zipp" Pants - Black set features 12 leathers and 3 fabrics for very modern, clean looks perfect for clubbing, biker babes or even the goth ladies out there!

Black leather, PVC, Paneled leather, Dipped leather along with Plaid, Camo, and Pinstripe.. all in the same set!  Our low lag Texture HUD gives you all kinds of great looks in this one set!

They feature double zippers on the hips for a cool, edgy look - and we give you three lengths (includes tucked).


Saturday, March 1, 2014

New! "Racing" Leather Jacket for Men!

The guys have been left out a bit lately - but not any more! Just out are the "Racing" Leather jackets. Great new open front jacket style that features sleek lines, zips and more...

Comes with our best yet HUD - 6 leather color options, 18 t-shirts, and 4 track tops. Yes.. you get bonus Tshirt and Track Top inserts for your jacket!

The Tshirt and Track Top Addons come with tucked and untucked versions. Perfect to wear with the Classic Jeans we released not very long ago.

Guys.. don't miss this set! Only 599 L$.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Classic Color Leather Jackets!

Color Leather Jackets! Yes, Ladies.. the matching color jackets are now out!

"Classic Color" Jackets come with a hud so you get all 24 luscious colors you loved in the mini skirt.. AND you get a bonus Sequined Tube Top AddOn! The hud gives you 24 leather colors, 16 sequin choices along with other jacket hardware options.

Mix, match, go crazy.. The best part? These are compatible with the Classic jacket in black.. so you can mix and match the tank tops from that set and the sequin tube top from this one!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New! Leather Mini Skirts!

Leather. Mini. Skirt.

 Yes, they are finally available!  Paul made these super sexy, curvy and lush skirts that are now available. They come in a single set (7 sizes) with a 24 color leather texture HUD. All that for only 399 L$.

They work great with our women's leather jackets - go grab a demo to test the fit and then grab a set today! 


Saturday, January 11, 2014

New! Men's "Classic" jean with belt!

Paul just released our best men's jeans yet! "Classic" are a slimmer build to show off your muscles and they come with a belt!  Three lengths (including tucked for boots), 8 sizes and a Belt HUD for 12 leather textures and 7 metals!

Single denim colors available or get the better value FatPack with all 10 denims!  You have to try these - demos available.. give them a go with mesh feet, shoes or tucked into boots!

You can even turn the belt off if you don't want a belted look. Perfect addition to your wardrobe for 2014!