Sunday, August 26, 2012

New! Mesh Leather Pants for ladies!

Finally out, the new Mesh Leather Pants with ankle zips!  Fantastic new mesh pants for women that are form fitting with just enough curves to keep them super hot.  Available in plain black, quilted or ribbed leather or the special edition PVC set.

Singles are only 349L$ and you get 7 sizes in 3 lengths. Grab the 3 leather styles in a FatPack for only 599L$.


Fat Pack Link to Marketplace

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New! Skinny Jeans for women!

Paul worked hard to get the next mesh jeans version ready. Skinny Zip jeans are slinky, sexy and curvy in all the right places with bonus zippered ankles.  Each set comes with 7 sizes and 3 lengths for easy fitting.

Basic denim available in 10 colors or a discounted fatpack.  Dipped denim has thigh high latex over the denim for a hot look and comes in your choice of 3 denim colors or a 3 pack.

Check out a demo and then grab your favorite pair!