Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Dita Leather" Black Pant Set

Paul finally had a chance to put out the sexy new leather pants designed to go with the Cropped Jacket sets. Features soft, Italian leather - delicate stitching and sensual appeal. Comes with a bonus sculpted belt (with EZ Fit +) and sculpted lower legs. Perfect pants to add to your wardrobe! Only 199L$.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Engineer" Boots just released!!

Paul's been busy again and the next boot set is out. Engineer boots for men and for women.

Great Sculpted details, distressed leather that's soft, worn, and slouchy - finished off with buckles and straps. Perfect for casual wear or for role play!

These also feature our great new EZ Fit Plus! Just 499 L$ for a pair.

Choose from men's or women in either Distressed Black or Rough Brown - available in Men's or Women's footwear on Evocative. Soon will be also available on Marketplace for gifting.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

New line of Personalizable Dog Tags!

We have just updated our Dog Tag offerings to these exceptional new, exclusive, sculpted Industrial Dog Tag Necklaces! Comes in either a men's or women's version. You have your choice of themes - Filigree, Deco, Rusted, Celtic, Granite (Gothic), Military, Steel, or Industrial.
The women's version features a heart, a crown topped pearl, and a chinese coin charms. The men's version features a skull, a crown topped bullet, and a chinese coin charms.

These necklaces come with FREE single name engraving for each tag. Just send us a notecard after purchase indicating the two names you want, and a personalized "myCUSTOM" HUD will be sent to the necklace owner. The owner can then change the plain tags to personalized textures.

The charm necklaces on the top part of the dog tags can be toggled on and off - so YOU have the choice of how to wear your necklace.

Available on Marketplace SL for gifting - perfect gift at any time! Just 799 L$ (engraving included).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sculpted Urban Leather Jackets for Men!

We know you guys have been patiently waiting.. and it will be worth it! The new leather jackets are out - sculpted - exclusive designs only available through L&B.

Check out the choices.. plain leather or your choice of jackets specially designed with logos by Paul! - London, Rising Sun, Revolution, Morte, or USA. Each only 399 L$ so pick up a couple.

These use our new EZ Fit Plus scripting so it's super easy to fit to your avatar - and as always.. the LOD is great and the texturing is incredible.

Pick up your favorite today!