Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Classic" Mesh Leather Jackets for men and women!

Finally, after a long wait, our most requested leather jacket is now available in MESH!
"Classic" is an open front leather jacket that features a lot of detail. The new mesh versions come with the jacket, a shirt AddOn, and a low lag texture HUD.  The HUD will give you 4 leather options, 2 metal options, 2 linings options and 8 shirt options!

Ladies - yours is the same as the guys but your shirt is a tank top with different textures and your jacket is a bit cropped for some sexy style.

Additional AddOns will be available in the future so you can keep your leather jacket updated!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Classic White Open Tuxedo and Classic Deluxe AddOns!

We recently released the White version of the Classic Open Tuxedo in Mesh!  This set comes with 4 jacket options, 5 pant options (including black and white with black stripe), 3 shirt options, 6 cufflinks, 4 cummerbunds, and 4 tie with pocket square choices!

Yesterday we released the Classic Deluxe AddOns. These are designed for the Classic Mesh tuxedos only and come in 12 different color families. Each single has 4 tints that will change the cummerbund, bow tie, cuff links and pocket square - all using the same HUD!