Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out Now!! Renegade Jacket singles!!

Just released due to popular demand is the Renegade Denim jacket single. Now you can purchase the jacket by itself to mix and match to your hearts content.available now in New blue and original faded black for only 299L at Evocative S'wear mens and new designs.

Friday, December 10, 2010

S'Wear Couture Dog Tag collection

Just in time for the holidays, Paul has released the first in a new line of sculpted dog tag necklaces. These S'wear Couture necklaces for men have highly detailed, exquisitely textured, hand sculpted tags that feature fleur de lis, skulls and diamonds. Cutting edge fashion for your favorite guy, these are the perfect size to not overwhelm yet still be seen at a distance. Fitted for perfect drape on a male avatar and for a length that is wearable with most jackets and shirts.
Grab one or more today!

More versions coming in the future and ladies versions are in the works - stay tuned!

Couture footwear

Just released - a new line of men's dress shoes! Couture Dress shoes have been hand sculpted by Paul for an uber realistic look. Perfect to finsh off any suit, tux or even casual outfit... there are 7 versions available. All feature black Italian leather and come with both the Viewer 1 and Viewer 2 options for wear. Drop by to pick up a set!

Friday, November 12, 2010

S'Wear Mens"Renegade"

Just out - men's Renegade jacket set! Paul worked super hard sculpting the drape of this new jacket. The set features a new sculpted jacket with and without hoodie option, leather pants, t-shirt, sculpt belt and bonus matching sneakers! You can mix and match many of the parts for different looks. Available in 6 different colors - Slate, Claret, Blue, Olive, Gold or Chocolate. Matching beanie hat with and without hair available separately. Grab your favorite color today either in men's clothing on Evocative Island or in the New Designs store!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Real Life Wedding Announcement

Oct. 1st, 2010 - Paul and Bast got married in RL~!

You read that right - After having met four years ago via Second Life and fallen in love, Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus are now real life married partners!

Many of you may have been wondering where Paul and I have been over the last month as our presence in SL has been limited. We would like to share our joy with you!

On Oct. 18th - starting approx. 6:30 pm SLT, we will give away 20 copies of Paul's new sculpted Couture Tuxedos! Here are the rules:

* The first 20 fan club member (wearing their club title) that find our manager, Gil Warwillow, on either Evocative, Gothic Obsession, or Evocative Weddings Islands - will receive a copy of our new Couture Tuxedo.

*You must have your Lapointe & BastChild Designs fan club title displayed when you walk up to Gil.

*Ladies that win may request that the set be delivered to a male friend.

*IM's will not be sufficient to win - you must walk up to Gil on one of our islands.

*No Teleport requests please.

Happy hunting to our fans and may all of you find your true love too!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

New FREE Gothic Clothing Store!

Paul and I are very pleased to announce the opening of our Free Gothic Clothing store on Gothic Obsession Island! Many well loved older designs, retired from the stores are now back for everyone to enjoy Free of charge! Everything in the Free Gothic Designs store is 0L$ and the setting is just as nice as our Retail stores.
Drop by to pick up a suit, a gown, armor, boots, lingerie or even jewelry. More retired items will be added as we go - drop by often to check out what's available. Spread the word, share some joy, and bring your new SL friends by to stock up on great items to get their new avatar started right!

Monday, July 12, 2010

S'Wear "Mischief" Hoodie & Jean sets

Just out for the ladies... a super cute and sassy Hoodie and Pants set!
Mischief features sculpted Hoodie crop top, distressed jeans with matching argyle pockets, and a bonus sculpted belt! Available in 7 single colors (Coffee, Cocoa, Jade, Blue, Grape, Plum, or Olive) - each 349 L$ or a Fat Pack of all 7 for only 699L$. In Women's S'wear or New Designs! Also available on XStreet ~Bast

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New "Milan" pinstripe suits out now!!

Made with an entirely new and modern looking lapel for a sleek and stylish look, we present the Milan series of men's suits. Starting the series off is the pinstripe cut- the suits will be complimented by the many tie color add ons you have come to expect but with an added bonus. We listened carefully to customer feedback and decided to make these new suits with both a modify prim set and a separately boxed resizer set for those more comfortable with that system. The suit has an overall modern feel inspired by Italian chic. It will sell at $499L and is available in the men's couture store on Evocative island, New Designs, and in Tuxedos on Evocative Weddings. Keep an eye out for the color add on options coming soon as well as black and grey suit styles.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Modern Black "Ornate" Tuxedo's Now in store

This new Tuxedo set has an ornate style in its filigree shirt and jeweled tie By Bastchild with ornate matching cuffs. Available in a variety of tie colors and vests this suit can also be combined with the add on vests already available in store for matching all your color needs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New S'Wear Dress Sets

Paul's had some time to go back into the studio to make some fresh new women's designs for summer! Just out are the new S'wear sculpted dresses - each features separate sculpted pieces that together create a dress, but can also be worn separately with other items for more wearability. "Flirt" features delicate polkadot fabric and lace, includes both the sheer and non-sheer torso and is available in 5 single colors or a fat pack of all 5 at a discount. "Kitten" is a different take on the Flirt style, but in a super adorable animal print! "Adore" features a simialr style, but in a lightweight, knit fabric and is available in 4 single colors or a fat pack of all 4 at a discount. Drop by, pick one.. or all up!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Death Royale "King" Series

Paul's finest work to date! A fantastically textured and jeweled suit fit for royalty and those that serve along side them. Sculpted lapels, jeweled epaulettes, ornate jacket and pant cuffs all with lush embroidery, gemstones and skull lace, this set has to be seen to be believed.
Available in your choice of Silver King (Black/Silver), Gold King (Black/Gold) and White King (White/Gold). Matching crowns sold separately. Available in Gothic Men's Couture and in New Designs! A matching women's "Queen" version will be out soon - so watch for it!

New Gothic Jewelry!

Now that the renovations to the clothing stores on Gothic Obsession are complete, we are turning our attention to creating some new gothic designs! First is the Death Royale necklace for men - designed to match the men's clothing set of the same name, this necklace features the same skull and crown motiff. Available in Black Iron, Gold or Platinum.
Also new - is a brand new line of couture gothic jewelry - Nouveau Gothique! Featured here is a unisex ring that combines olde world style with high end modern design. This ring is perfect for a wedding band (comes fitted to the left hand) but would be just as at home as a fashion statement on your right hand. Available in Black Iron, Gold or Platinum.

Cake Store Open!

We finally had a chance to open the cake area of Evocative Floral. Now you can find cakes ranging from classic wedding (to match our bouquets) to theme cakes and art cakes! Wide selection of colors and styles - from gothic to summer garden. Perfect for special occasions and birthdays as well! Shown above are Death Royale, Paradise and Jardin - only a few of the gorgeous cakes offered in our shop.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grand Opening Couture Collection

Just a few pics of the luscious new gowns Paul has created for the grand opening of our Couture Dress store on Evocative. Check out the intricate lace, sexy designs, and gorgeous colors! Sculpted wraps, sculpted ruffles, decadent and daring - these dresses are perfect for a formal event or dancing the night away! Drop by the store to see all the offerings now available!


Thank you for your patience while we had Evocative closed for a few hours. We now have a gorgeous new store full of Couture dresses in place of New Designs. Come see these awesome new gowns! Right next door is S'wear - the same great womens casual urbanwear has it's own new store! Come by to see the new layouts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Decadence Remake!

The Decadence line of jewelry has long been a fan favorite but was over due for some updating. With great new sculpted gemstones available, I couldn't resist a new set of jewelry. Decadence Elite is a gorgeous new necklace set with a lush necklace and matching earrings. Definitely a great set to wear with any formal gown or wedding dress. Available in either gold or platinum and in diamond, ruby or sapphire versions.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lotus Wedding Ring for men!

We heard the requests and finally had time to create the Men's version of the Lotus Wedding Band! Same pave diamonds on the edges and a small lotus flower symbol in diamonds on the polished band. Created with men in mind - however this ring WILL shrink down small enough to fit female avatar hands. To celebrate the men's band, the women's ring was also remade with our new ultra realistic sculpted diamonds! Both version in store now!

Radiance Line of Rings - update!

The Radiance line of rings have long been a fan favorite, but were due for some touch ups! Now they have better diamonds and sculpted gemstones. A new addition to the women's versions are Emerald gemstones! Now you have a choice of diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald! The men's version was updated with better diamonds and now is resizeable down to fit even a small female hand - just another option from L&B!

Celtic Knot and Celtic Femme Rings - Updated!

Another L&B classic - recently updated with sculpted diamonds! Now these favorites are available as premium wedding rings - complete with matching proposal animation boxes. Men's are still available with the standard celtic knot, the green dragon celtic knotwork, and the blood red vitae celtic knotwork versions. There are now matching women's versions that come complete with animation proposal box and additional engagement ring versions.

"Woven" Rings for men - Updated!

The "Woven" rings for men have been a fan favorite for years so I updated them! Now they have a better fit and come with a fantastic sculpted diamond. Still available in your choice of Platinum or Gold and now I also threw a new Black Iron version into the store! A classic L&B look at just 199L$!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"S'wear" Insolent Set Out Now!!!

The sculpted jacket is designed to work well with most AO movement and is purposely designed for female avatars. Two mini dress versions are included: one is uber sort and naughty - the other is short, ruffled and sexy. Comes with a fantastic bonus footless fishnets. Flirt it up or dress it down this set has super fit and sensual appeal. All parts work well to mix and match with other clothing!

"S'Wear" Fury set For Men

Fury features a sculpted jacket for an ultra realistic look along with distressed jeans. Both a short sleeve and t-shirt options are included along with a bare chest look! A bonus sculpted belt is also provided. All parts work well to mix and match with other clothing!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Engraveable bracelet!

We've had a lot of requests for a women's ID bracelet. Starstruck is the first of a few new bracelets that will be engraveable. Starstruck is available in either platinum or gold and in your choice of ruby or pink topaz.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"S'Wear" Sorbet Hoodie Collection

Tired of Winter and dark colors? Sorbet is the latest in the S'Wear Brand of casual wear .This set is light and colorful to wish in the change of seasons.Available in five luscious colors blue strawberry,blueberry,grape,lime & strawberry pictured above .The sets include detailed sculpty hood & cuffs,sculpted large belt, two pairs of pants both boot fit & Capri with matching cuffs.Available now inworld at Evocative New Designs & Evocative Women's clothing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lovers' Necklaces

After many requests, I've finally released a set of rings on a necklace. They can be engraved with names inside or outside for an additional fee. Each necklace features one ring with a small diamond accent and one plain ring. Great for everyone. especially people that want something personalized but don't care for dog tags.. available in a men's fit or women's fit and in your choice of silver or gold.