Monday, June 14, 2010

New S'Wear Dress Sets

Paul's had some time to go back into the studio to make some fresh new women's designs for summer! Just out are the new S'wear sculpted dresses - each features separate sculpted pieces that together create a dress, but can also be worn separately with other items for more wearability. "Flirt" features delicate polkadot fabric and lace, includes both the sheer and non-sheer torso and is available in 5 single colors or a fat pack of all 5 at a discount. "Kitten" is a different take on the Flirt style, but in a super adorable animal print! "Adore" features a simialr style, but in a lightweight, knit fabric and is available in 4 single colors or a fat pack of all 4 at a discount. Drop by, pick one.. or all up!

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