Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Dark Majestueux" Mens suit now in store

Just added to the fine line of gothic clothing, Dark Majesteux features fleur de lis and skulls for a fresh new look. Fantastic sculpted collar/lapel with or without tie, lace jabot, jeweled lace cuffs and a sculpted top hat with attached hair! Bonus pair of sunglasses finished off the look - this is the finest set yet for men. Come take a look at Gothic Obsession to see the set - you won't be disappointed!

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Darke Lion" Now in store!!!

Darke Lion has hit the stores! First in the new line of roleplay armor "Warrior", it is available in a male or female version. Both feature a horned helmet, breastplate, shoulder and arm armor, leg armor, battle skirts, and matching boots. The men's also has a spiked back armor piece, while the women's features a helmet with long hair attached. Full Avatar sets contain a bonus matching katana that sports the same lion head motiff as the sculpted armor. Fantastically textured, realistic builds, mix and matchable for different looks - Warrior will set a new standard for roleplay armor. Perfect for the serious roleplayer looking for an edgy set of armor.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Regency Black coming soon!!

Just a quick peak at Paul's next project! Black Regency is lush with silk and black skull lace. Rubies highlight jeweling on the sculpted collar/lapel and lace cuffs. Fantastic fit with gorgeous colors and textures - this will redefine luxury and elegance for the modern vampire. The set will come with a sculpted top hat that has hair already in place for a nice, neat look! Watch for this soon as we start rebuilding Gothic Obsession Island!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

White Dragon coming soon!

New Avatars coming soon!. Bast and i are on the final stages of making full fantasy Av's for men and women. The sets have been fully sculpted and hand textured in 3D programs for that natural look that will seperate you from the crowd.They will include full body armor(yes boots also) and be available in 2 box sets .The full Avatar versions will include highly detailed skins,shapes & hair plus a fully functioning Katana to give you all you need for the complete look you see on the box. If your just wanting the armor to add to your own Av it will be available seperately .These sets are a must see for Fantasy role players in SL and will be available in the coming weeks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Evocative Floral - New Location!

Evocative Floral's main store is now located on Evocative Realm! A huge new store full of our best wedding flowers! To celebrate, I've released the first in a new line of flowers "Calla&Rose".
The bridal bouquets are now available at the Evocative Floral Main store. Drop by to see the colors and check out the newest floral options!

Wedding Flowers - updated!

All of our Evocative Floral wedding flowers are updated with better lily sculpts, better textures and bouquets with a new AO that allows the bouquet to be held while walking, standing, sitting, or even running! Same great prices, even better flowers! Most colors available now in a Celebration 10 piece set at discount!