Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just Added!  New Mesh Modern OPEN Tuxedo Accessories!  Our new line of Add On HUDs work perfectly to change the look of your vest or tie and pocket square! 

First out are the Vest HUDs in Brocade and Vest HUDs in Plain Silk.  Each are available in 9 color families and individual huds will come with 4 vest textures in each color family.

Also our are the first Tie HUDs.  The Plain Silk Tie HUDs are available in 8 color familes.  Each Tie HUD also comes with matching pocket square textures!

Each Add On HUD is only 199 L$  Now you can just update the look of your tux for a party or wedding without having to purchase another suit! Other Add Ons are coming soon - Tie HUDs in Stripes and Shirt HUDs!  Watch for them to hit the store soon.

Happy Holidays from Paul and Bast!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Special Edition Mesh Open Tuxedo's Hermitage & Ocean

Bast is furiously finishing the Separates Add On HUD'S for all the tie ,vest & shirt colors you could need over the next few days  but in the mean time i thought we should release two Special Edition suits that show off the mix & match possibilities your one time suit purchase will have.
Once you have your Mesh Modern Black Open Tuxedo you will soon only need to buy an Add On HUD to change any of its parts colors and textures be it vests, ties or shirts.The Add Ons will have a range of colors in each set for you to play around with and  will stay at our 199 L price tag.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mesh Modern Black Tuxedos for Men

 We promised them and now they are ready!  The most fantastic mesh tuxedo suits are now on sale!
Same great Modern Black Open style but now in MESH!. Fully rigged and with incredible texture options. Choose from Slate, Claret or Cream sets.
Each set comes with a fully loaded Texture hud with 4 lapel styles, 4 pants, 4 vests, 4 ties and pocket squares!  Turn the pocket square off for another look.Add Ons will be available very, very soon for more ties, vests, and shirts!Available on MP for gifting.One Suit is all you will need and anytime yuo want a change of color add ons will available in almost every color :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

L&B Winner of Men's Favorite Apparel - Avi Choice Awards

Great news!

Thanks to you, all of our wonderful customers, L&B has been awarded the 2012 Avi Choice Award for Men's Favorite Apparel.

If it wasn't for your support and feedback, our work would not be at the level it is today. Thanks for standing by us these last 6 years.

Happy Holidays!

Paul and Bast

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Avi Choice Awards Nominee - Favorite Men's Apparel

Lapointe & BastChild Designs has been nominated in the Favorite Men's Apparel category for the AviChoice Awards of 2012.

We are honored that our fans thought of us for nomination.  Please take time to drop by the Avi Choice Awards website to vote for L&B along with your other favorite designers in all of the different Award Categories!

Voting is open now and will stay open until December 12th at 8pm SLT.

The Award Winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Awards Show held at The Christmas Expo on December 14th at 6pm SLT.

Happy Holidays from Paul and Bast!

Friday, October 12, 2012

New! "Moto Denim" mesh jeans for women

Paul was thinking the other day how cool it would be to have biker pants but in denim!  Voila... out today are the Moto Denim jeans.

Sexy, slim jeans in skinny ankle zip fit with seams and details normally only found in leather pants!  You have to check these out - Demo available or grab you choice of 8 different denim colors.

Singles are only 299 L$ each or save a bundle and just grab the 8 color FatPack with HUD for only 799 L$ - trust me.. it's a steal.

FatPack "Moto Denim" for women

~ Bast

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Special Edition! Men's Zip Ankle Leather Pants

Paul knows the guys have felt a bit left out lately with all the great mesh releases that have been ladies only. Now he's catching up for the men out there!  He's just released 8 special edition Mesh Leather pants for men.

Grab your choice of Chained King, Locked King, Los Muertos, Pistola, Forutne, Muertos King, Cross Royale or Fuego de Muerte.  Or better yet, grab the discounted Fat Pack with HUD to get all 8!

Enjoy and make the ladies jealous. :)


Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally, your patience is rewarded guys!  Paul just released our Men's Mesh Zip Ankle leather pants.  Available in three leather styles: Plain, Ribbed or Quilted - each only 299 L$. Our best deal is the HUD driven Fatpack - all three styles for only 499 L$.

Same great sizes - 9 to choose from for easy fit.  Two alpha layers included with and without feet.

These look great with most ankle boots and shoes and fit perfectly under our Mesh leather jackets.

Grab your favorite today!


Marketplace link to FatPack

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just out! Mesh Cropped T-shirts and Halter Tops.

Ladies, Paul promised you some awesome tops to pair with our sexy jeans and leather pants - and here they are!  The cropped t-shirts have a soft drape and slinky feel along with a peekaboo fit.  The halter tops have a sizzling plunge front and sexy bare back.

Rigged to move with you, these tops look great with jeans, leathers, even skirts!  Casual enough for everyday, flirty enough for a night at the club.

Available in 3 colors (Black, Pink or Cream) and in four of our popular artwork themes (Gypsy, Locked Heart, Faith, and Revenge).  Singles for 199L$ and Halter or Cropped Tee Fatpack with texture change HUDs for only 399L$.

Marketplace Link : Halter Top FatPack

Marketplace Link: Cropped T-shirt FatPack


Sunday, August 26, 2012

New! Mesh Leather Pants for ladies!

Finally out, the new Mesh Leather Pants with ankle zips!  Fantastic new mesh pants for women that are form fitting with just enough curves to keep them super hot.  Available in plain black, quilted or ribbed leather or the special edition PVC set.

Singles are only 349L$ and you get 7 sizes in 3 lengths. Grab the 3 leather styles in a FatPack for only 599L$.


Fat Pack Link to Marketplace

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New! Skinny Jeans for women!

Paul worked hard to get the next mesh jeans version ready. Skinny Zip jeans are slinky, sexy and curvy in all the right places with bonus zippered ankles.  Each set comes with 7 sizes and 3 lengths for easy fitting.

Basic denim available in 10 colors or a discounted fatpack.  Dipped denim has thigh high latex over the denim for a hot look and comes in your choice of 3 denim colors or a 3 pack.

Check out a demo and then grab your favorite pair!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

New S'wear Mesh Leather jackets just released!

New!  "Moto" mesh leather jackets for men and women.  Paul has worked super hard to get these rigged mesh jackets out. 

The women's sets feature sexy curves that skim the body.  The men's version is fitted nicely over the muscles of the shoulders and abdomen.  Both feature detailed leather work, zippers, buttons and pockets. 

Paul's rigged mesh moves smoothly with your avatar's movements and these jackets fit with our mesh boot cut jeans!

10 single colors available, a fat pack (hud driven) of those 10 colors and then there are also 2 special edition versions for men and women.

Try the demo.. you'll love the fit, the look AND the prices.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

New! Men's 100% mesh jeans!

Men's FatPack Marketplace Link

Update!  July 9th - Paul has added a 9th size to all of the jeans sets and has also now included an additional length!  The Flats or Flat Foot version is perfect for going barefoot or to use when your shoes don't require a shoe shape.  Enjoy! 
New!  Just added to the store is the next S'wear Mesh offering - Men's BootCut Jeans!  Paul has done a delicious assortment of denim styles from traditional deep dyed blue and black to worn, grungy and oil marked.  Nine versions to pick from (349 L$ each) or grab the FatPack for only 999 L$.  Two special edition black jeans are also out - Phoenix and Lock King themes. Grab your favorite for only 399 L$.

Each set of jeans comes with 8.. yes 8 sizes. All 5 of the Standard Sizing sizes along with 3 more for fitting ease.  Guys.. try the DEMO, you won't be disappointed.. these jeans are very masculine and edgy.

Ladies.. send your guy a set.. trust me.~!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

S'wear Mesh hits the store! First available - Women's Jeans.

Marketplace Link to the FatPack

Your wait is over!  L&B S'wear Mesh is hitting the store!  Our mesh clothing will ALWAYS be 100% hand designed by Paul and Bast - no retextured kits, only unique L&B style!

First out are some super sexy women's boot cut jeans!  These are soft denim 5 pocket jeans - available in 8 basic color/styles ranging from overdyed to distressed.  Singles are 349 L$ and the 8 Color FatPack is only 999 L$.  

If you want something truly different, pick up the Special Edition Divine denim jeans - featuring original artwork by Paul. Each color is only 399 L$.

Standard Sizing plus 2 more sizes to make fitting your avatar easier! Each set comes with an alpha layer, 7 sizes (xxs, xs, sm, sm+, med, med+, and large) along with both high heel and flats versions. DEMO available and highly recommended - all are available in world on Evocative Island or on Marketplace SL.

Never fear guys.. your jeans are coming out very soon!  Keep watching!


Monday, April 30, 2012

"S'Wear "Rocker" Outfit Promo Offer

The latest promotional offer from L&B for all those Rock fans out there.This set includes a special jacket & boot combo with texture change HUD that controls the boots and jacket simultaneously.Choose from four different color options and as an added bonus turn the graphics on the back on or off.The set includes the leather pants and as always an original L&B design T shirt. Normally valued at $1196L for all the separates this is going for a bargain at only$499L.With the original designs and artwork you have come to expect from L&B this  will make you stand out from the crowd .

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New! PROMO "Drift" for women

Don't worry, ladies! Paul didn't forget you. Drift for women is the same great deal! You get some sexy stilettos in your set - perfect to mix and match with other sets too! Get your set before the price goes up!

New! L&B PROMO "Drift" for Men

Just out! For a limited time, grab this fantastic new set for only 499 L$! It's a 1195 L$ value - you get a sculpted jacket, sculpted ankle boots, leather pants with zippered cuffs, belt and t-shirt!


Friday, March 30, 2012

New! Slouch Fit Engineer Collection Ladies & Mens

Just out! Our new Slouch Engineer boots for men and women! Paul took our wildly popular Engineer boots and complete reworked them. Chunkier toe, awesome kicking soles, soft and winkled leather with straps, rivets, stitching and buckles!

Now they include both the Boots and a matching pair of shoes - all for the same low price.

Grab your favorite from the 7 colors - Tan, Chocolate, Black, Distressed, Rubbed, Rubbed Red, and Rubbed Blue! Single colors only 499 L$. Pick the discounted 7 color FatPack for only 1099 L$.

Perfect for biker, gothic, or even steampunk outfits too!


Friday, March 9, 2012

FFL 2012 Exclusive:"Simone" Ankle Boots!

It time for the Relay For Life in Second Life and as tradition, L&B is sponsoring the DreamSeeker Aika sim for the Fashion for Life event! Paul worked super hard to create a brand new ankle boot called "Simone" and it is available exclusively at the FFL 2012!

"Simone" is a sexy new boot that features sexy suede leather and awesome trim work and lacing that ends in tassels! Sexy stiletto meets platform look that is hitting the runways this season!

Grab a single color for only 499 L$. There are 20.. yes 20 colors to choose from. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.


Friday, March 2, 2012

New! Swear "DJ Royale" Promo outfit for Women

Just out! Marketplace ONLY promo outfit for women! DJ Royale features an uber cool leather jacket, leather pants and a lace edged chemise. This is a 697 L$ value for only 299 L$.

Limited Time Offer - get yours while you can!


New! Swear "DJ Royale" Promo Outfit for Men

Just out! Marketplace ONLY promo outfit for men! DJ Royale features an uber cool leather jacket, leather pants and a matching T-shirt. This is a 697 L$ value for only 299 L$.

Limited Time Offer - get yours while you can!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Mens Biker Boots out now!!

Just released inworld and on marketplace are the Mens Biker boot collections.With the two collections for all tastes these boots are available in the Classic biker boot calf high fit and in the tall knee high styles.Each set is carefully sculpted with the great attention to details and texturing you have come to expect from L&B.Several styles are available in te collection from smooth and distressed leather to Kevlar uppers.Including the shoe versions as well thses sets are just 499L each or the bargain X5 Fatpack for only 1099L.Available now inworld at Evocative Island, Gothic Clothing Obsession Island and on Marketplace.PS: Ladies coming soon :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

New! Women's "Biker" Leather Vests!

After a number of requests, Paul rebuilt the popular biker jackets and has made this sexy vests for women! Fully rebuilt for the perfect vest look - shearling inner lining, zippers, buttons and buckles, sizzling curves... all the great style of Lapointe & BastChild leather!

Grab your favorite leather style - Smooth, Croc or Quilted for only 399 L$.. Better yet, grab out best deal ~ All three in a discounted Fat Pack for only 599 L$.

These look super sexy without anything under them.. or layer them with your favorite shirt or undershirt for a more modest look.


Women's Argyle Cropped Sweater Sets!

Just Added! Argyle Cropped Sweater Sets! The perfect addition to your wardrobe to get the same looks as modeled in some of our denim jacket ads! Each color comes with a long sleeve and short sleeve version, along with sculpted waist band and a bonus matching tank top!

9 colors available - single color sets are only 249 L$.. grab all 9 colors for only 599 L$ in our discounted Fat Pack!

The sweaters are provided in jacket, shirt and undershirt layers, while the tank top is provided in shirt and undershirt layers. This will make layer and mixing your looks so much easier!

Grab your favorite today - in world or on Marketplace SL for easy gifting!

Monday, January 16, 2012

S'Wear Outlaw & Death Royale T-Shirt Collections

Paul worked hard to get out the much requested men's t-shirts to go with "Death Royale" and "Outlaw" leather collections! Here they are - two collections.. 8 shirts in each set.

Death Royale Collection - featuring Chained King, Sugar Skull King, Phoenix, Morte, DJ Royale, Gypsy Royale, Gothic Cross, and Locked King. Singles for 130 L$ or all 8 in the discounted FatPack for only 499 L$.

Outlaw Collection - featuring Assassin, Penitence, Vengeance, Pistola, Pistola Royale, Los Muertos, Dagger&Skull, and Black Heart. Singles for 130 L$ or all 8 in the discounted FatPack for only 499 L$.

Each t-shirt is provided in jacket, shirt, and undershirt layers to help with mixing and matching! Available in world or on Marketplace SL. Enjoy!


[ Style Guide: Skin & Tattoo by Redgrave (David), Pants & Belt by L&B (Los Muertos Buckled Biker Pants), Vest by L&B (Aviator Vest in Black)]

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S'Wear Aviator Vests out now!!

I finally finished the Vest versions of the popular Aviator jackets for Men & Women. The design has all the details you have come to expect. Each set has a bonus addition of both silver and bronze hardware versions - so you can mix & match with boots and belts in your collection.

Single vests are only 399L$ for both the silver and bronze finishes in one box and the FatPack is a steal at just 699L$ for all six colors.

Available now at Mens & Women's S'Wear stores on Evocative island and soon to be placed on marketplace.

(Women's skin in promo from Curio, men's from Redgrave, women's hair from Truth.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just out! "Buckled Biker" Belts!

Paul made this awesome new style of belt and now it's available as singles! Comes in Men's or Women's versions - your choice of color and metal.

Men's - Black, Blue, Slate, Chocolate, Olive, or Tan with Silver or Bronze hardware.

Women's - Rose, Red, Grape, Black, Blue, Slate, Chocolate, Olive or Tan with Silver or Bronze hardwear. Singles are only 299 L$.

Want it all? Get the Special Edition versions that come with a HUD. That way you can change the body leather color, the strap leather color and the hardware metal! Guy's get a HUD with 6 colors for body and straps & 2 metals. Ladies get a HUD with 9 colors for body and straps & 2 metals. Special Edition versions are 449 L$.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New! "Outlaw" and Buckled Biker Pants

Paul worked super hard to get these new leather pants out! The new "Outlaw" theme and buckled biker pants feature all new artwork by Paul and new leg prims that have both zippers AND awesome leather straps with buckles. Available in Bronze or Silver... and in 6 themes for men and for women. The plain buckled version is also available..

Men's Themes: Los Muertos, Assassin, Black Heart, Vengence, Pistola, and Dagger&Skull.
Women's Themes: Fortune Teller, Los Muertos, Assassin, Black Heart, Vengence, and Pistola.

Grab your favorite today in world or on marketplace!