Thursday, July 5, 2012

New! Men's 100% mesh jeans!

Men's FatPack Marketplace Link

Update!  July 9th - Paul has added a 9th size to all of the jeans sets and has also now included an additional length!  The Flats or Flat Foot version is perfect for going barefoot or to use when your shoes don't require a shoe shape.  Enjoy! 
New!  Just added to the store is the next S'wear Mesh offering - Men's BootCut Jeans!  Paul has done a delicious assortment of denim styles from traditional deep dyed blue and black to worn, grungy and oil marked.  Nine versions to pick from (349 L$ each) or grab the FatPack for only 999 L$.  Two special edition black jeans are also out - Phoenix and Lock King themes. Grab your favorite for only 399 L$.

Each set of jeans comes with 8.. yes 8 sizes. All 5 of the Standard Sizing sizes along with 3 more for fitting ease.  Guys.. try the DEMO, you won't be disappointed.. these jeans are very masculine and edgy.

Ladies.. send your guy a set.. trust me.~!