Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just Added!  New Mesh Modern OPEN Tuxedo Accessories!  Our new line of Add On HUDs work perfectly to change the look of your vest or tie and pocket square! 

First out are the Vest HUDs in Brocade and Vest HUDs in Plain Silk.  Each are available in 9 color families and individual huds will come with 4 vest textures in each color family.

Also our are the first Tie HUDs.  The Plain Silk Tie HUDs are available in 8 color familes.  Each Tie HUD also comes with matching pocket square textures!

Each Add On HUD is only 199 L$  Now you can just update the look of your tux for a party or wedding without having to purchase another suit! Other Add Ons are coming soon - Tie HUDs in Stripes and Shirt HUDs!  Watch for them to hit the store soon.

Happy Holidays from Paul and Bast!