Saturday, July 3, 2010

New "Milan" pinstripe suits out now!!

Made with an entirely new and modern looking lapel for a sleek and stylish look, we present the Milan series of men's suits. Starting the series off is the pinstripe cut- the suits will be complimented by the many tie color add ons you have come to expect but with an added bonus. We listened carefully to customer feedback and decided to make these new suits with both a modify prim set and a separately boxed resizer set for those more comfortable with that system. The suit has an overall modern feel inspired by Italian chic. It will sell at $499L and is available in the men's couture store on Evocative island, New Designs, and in Tuxedos on Evocative Weddings. Keep an eye out for the color add on options coming soon as well as black and grey suit styles.

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