Monday, August 18, 2014

New Mainstore on Evocative!

We spent the last month working on new store layouts for the Evocative sim & last night we finally put them into place!

The Swear casual wear stores are now in the center of the sim - featuring all the newest items in mesh.  Women's (North) and Men's (South) are still on opposite sides of the sim to keep shopping easier.

Our men's Formal Wear now has it's own store just to the east of the Swear store - a beautiful and easy to navigate shop full of mesh tuxedos, add ons and dress shoes. (Ladies store to follow in the future).

No fear for you sculpt lovers out there.. we kept the older products at YOUR request - they now have their home in the Swear Vintage stores on the West side of the sim. 

Now for the fun part!  We hope to have Swear Limited open in the near future - where you can go to find Limited release items for new releases.  We also hope to have both a gatcha area and a new fan club gift location.

Come see all the pretty, shiny newness!