Saturday, July 12, 2014

Limited! Women's Cargo Shorts - Flor de la Muerte!

The ladies have spoken.. and they want Cargo Shorts! Paul worked hard the last few days to get a women's version of the Cargo shorts ready!

A Limited theme version is now available ONLY at Project Limited for the ladies.. it's called Flor de la Muerte!

The build was remade and fitted just for the ladies! The Theme features Sugar Skulls, Fortune Tellers, Hearts and Roses! Like the guys the HUD will give a plain green camo, plain B&W camo, along with the Flor graphic green camo and Flor graphic B&W camo. Bonus belt and hardware options finish out the HUD.  All this for only 499 L$.

These are beyond cool - perfect for the lady that wants a little summer attitude!

Only 200 copies of the women's Flor de la Muerte will be sold!

Try the demo and then grab your set before they are gone!