Friday, June 13, 2014

New! Modern OPEN Pinstripe Tuxedos!

Just in time for the start of wedding season, we finally got the open front versions of the popular pinstripe tuxedos out for sale.

This new build is sleeker with a trim, modern feel.  Paired with new scripts this is the start of the Modern Tuxedo 2.0 line!  Our previous tuxes will be re-released with the new builds and scripts over the next few days.

Check this new set - features a long awaited request - pinstripe vests too!  Now you can wear this as a casual suit, a three piece, or a tuxedo... the HUD gives you 4 shirts, 6 vests, 4 ties and pocket squares, plus the 4 jacket and pants versions. All this for only 799 L$.

AddOn are now available for the new 2.0 tuxedos - so check for those too!