Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Morbid Fleur" now In store!!!

Inspired by Bastchilds amazing Morbid range of jewelry i 've set out to make a dark Gothic ball gown with a twist in its design. Using the different icons from Basts jewelry not only in the prim detailing but referencing her amazing mended heart symbols in the fabric itself.I think finally my lace work in this set has come close to looking like the image i had in my minds eye.Bast and i are very excited about collaborating on a series of clothing and accessories in the "Morbid" brand that will include shoes and tattoos among other things so keep a look out as this series grows :).
Available now inworld are the Morbid Fluer ball gown and as a seperate the Morbid Fluer evening dress set. find them at Evocative new designs and Gothic Obsession womens stores.

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