Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Updated Tuxedos and MORE Add Ons!

The fans asked, and Paul responded! He's been working overtime to get the Modern Pinstripe tuxedos finished and in the stores. NOW you get a full shirt, two vests, two tie options, as well as the Jacket so you can take advantage of the specially made Add Ons. No longer do you have to buy a full suit just to change your tie or your vest! Buy the tuxedo of your choice.. and then add on ties or vests!
Best sellers in the past were the Pinstripe w/ Claret Vest and the Pinstripe with w/ Pewter vest - so Paul went ahead and made special edition sets that already include these options prepackged for your convenience. Either way you decide to pick up a tux.. it's a super value added! Available for sale in Men's on Evocative and Tuxedos on Evocative Or for gifting via XStreet SL.

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