Saturday, August 24, 2013

New! "Bianca" Ankle Boots for women!

Finally!  Our first MESH footwear is ready!  "Bianca" ankle boots are simply fantastic!  Stiletto heel with smooth, lush leather. Features like zip, stitching, and accent strap are just the start!  Our footwear is Non-Rigged Mesh - that means you can move the boot on your avatar leg and with our EZ Fit Plus scripts you can resize them too!

There are two fatpacks to choose from - Colors or Neutrals!   The Colors set has 16 colors ranging from reds to blues to greens.  The Neutrals set has 16 colors ranging from white thru black and a wide range of browns!

Each fatpack comes with a low lag HUD that allows you to change the boot leather color, the strap leather (also a few snake skin straps as a bonus!), the hardware between steel and brass, and 3.. yes 3 sole colors (black, red, or cream).  Each fatpack is the equivalent of dozens of boots.. all in one set.

Grab a demo to see the fit and a few of the leather colors first hand.. then snap up your favorite set.. or better yet.. get them both!  Fatpacks of 16 colors are only 599 L$.