Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New! Slim style mesh jeans for women


New!  "Slim" mesh jeans for women.  Paul heard the requests for a less curvy style of jean and he created Slim style.  Slim style still has delicate curves but in a slimmer, more fitted style.

Paul also included a bonus 4th length for these jeans - "Tucked" so you can wear these jeans with most of our boots!  As shown above you can wear these jeans with our knee high Elise boots all the way down to bare "Slink" feet and still have a perfect fit.

Available in Black, Slate, Dk Blue, Jade Blue, Mid Blue or Lt Blue - each color comes with both Worn and Clean versions in 6 pocket choices.  That's 12 jeans for the price of one!   The 6 color FatPack thus gives you 72 jeans!

Grab a demo to try this new fit and the new length!