Thursday, January 31, 2008

NEW !! "Queen of Hearts" Womens Boots

Long in development, comes the first in our new line of women's boots. Sexy stilleto heel on lustrous black silk, they feature the same designs as the Queen of Hearts dress sets. These boots come with two sizes of sculpty uppers so you get a short, scrunchy ankle boot and a long, slim tall boot.
The uppers are modifiable to fit your avatar's curves so no worries ladies! Pic attached and you get the set for 350 L$.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Brocade Mystique" Dark red suit Set

Just in time for Valentine's or just for guys wanting a sizzling, red suit - Paul has remade his very popular Brocade Mystique in a rich, deep red. Same as the original Brocade Mystique - this set has five jackets (one open, vests in grey, black, bronze and red), sculpty collar and lapels, flexi long jacket skirt, short jacket skirt, prim cuffs and matching pants. 600 L$ for a total wardrobe!

"Queen Of Hearts" mini dress sets

The short version of Queen of Hearts - this luscious set is in red silk with black hearts and lace. Sexy and sultry... multiple looks for a nice price. Two bodices, one flexi mini, one long skirt, matching lace gloves and sexy lingerie.Perfect for Valentines day parties this dress is also available in black silk with ornate lace hearts350 L$.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Queen Of Hearts" Full Wedding Set available

Just in time for Valentine's Day - Paul has designed a sexy heart based wedding set. Created from satin, silk and lace the Red and Black hearts enhance this gorgeously textured set. Three flexi gowns (one with heart lace train), two bodices, a bonus mega lingerie set, matching gloves and flexi arm ruffles - AND a jeweled tiara with veil and blusher.

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Neko Set "Golden Tigress"

New in our Evocative Magick Neko Store is this fantastic new set of skins for that inner sexy feline! Tigress has three multi toned skins: one with feline features, one with a more human face, and one with a softer ginger tabby color. All feature sizzling makeup to complement the fur and the set is completed by matching, scripted ears and tail.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Brocade Mystique" Mens suit Set

Just out and very HOT. This set has a long flexi jacket and sublime sculpty collar and lapels - this is the set you guys have been waiting for! This sophisticated suit looks both polished and gives you a brooding, dangerous aura. Comes with 4 different jacket looks and two jacket lengths. Paired with prim cuffs and a matching set of pants - the set is 600 L$.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Sublime silk" Range

A new, fresh look for Lapointe Women's Designs - the Sublime Silk line. Featuring lush, silk with delicate floral embroidery and a sexy new soft, flexi mini in two styles plus a long fitted skirt with flexi ruffle. Finishing out the set are fingerless lace gloves with flexi ruffles, matching silk bodice and lingerie.
First available is the rich pink silk - others coming soon. Fabulous mixable looks for 400 L$.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Baroque Dawn" Mens Ornate White suit Set

At fan request, Paul has created a white version of the Baroque Darkness Ornate suit Set. This set has lush white, gold, and black brocade, sculpty collar and lapels, lace trim flexi cuffs, two jackets (one with sheer black arms), matching jacket skirt and matching pants.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just out - Byzantine Bracelets!

At long last and after customer requests, we have released the Byzantine Bracelets. Matching perfectly with the Byzantine Choker or Byzantine Royalty Necklace sets, these intricately crafted bracelets come in either gold or platinum and feature diamonds and subtle bling. Perfect to pair with other Byzantine jewelry for a formal event or great to put on with your favorite pair of jeans. Grab one for that lucky lady that has everything - perfect for a romantic gift!

Bracelet Additions to Evocative Jewelry Offerings!

First in the push to get our new line of bracelets out to the stores, came the re-release of the Amore Bangle Bracelets. The set of three bangles include Jet, Diamond, and Ruby hearts in your choice of polished Silver or Gold. Watch for more releases of bracelets (some for guys too!) and anklets.

"Sneak Peek"

I decided to give you all a sneak peek at a new men's suit set I'm working on at the moment. I'm very excited about this set because its the first time I've included Sculpty features in the collar and lapels. The advent of sculpty technology has given designers the opportunity to push their designs further into more realistic and natural clothing in SL.I'm Chomping at the bit to add this new feature to my design skills so i can develop a fresh sophisticated new look.Stay tuned for more updates on my first Sculpty featured Suit :)

New "Gothic Narcisse" Wedding set

Recently added to my wedding gowns is "Gothic Narcisse".This wedding set is for those of you wanting originality and to make a statement about your feminine and wild sides.Designed with plush red velvet and black silk detailing the dress is balanced with a layering of ornate black lace and train.The set includes four corset's to give you a range of looks from seductive to elegant with a full lingerie set including gloves and flexi shoulder cuffs.Finished with a full length veil crowned with an ornate jeweled Tiara by Bastchild lotus.To finish off the set i included the Tattoos to create that mix of independent and seductive all us men fall for.If your wanting an original Gothic wedding gown for that special day that mesmerises the guests then this set is for you.
Modeled by Sabine Lefavre wearing "Baroque Decadence" jewlery by Bastchild Lotus