Saturday, July 19, 2008

Evocative Boots for men and women!

We've been working like crazy to get more great boots out for men and women. The new boots all feature touch resizer scripting to make fitting easier! The Pinstripe and Silk Variation for women are available in Ruby, Jade and Ocean Green - designed to go with the beautiful Satine mini and hipster sets.
Regency was inspired by the Narcisse Regency suit set for men. Now they are available separately and also are available in a women's version!
Buckled are a great basic boot for men - similar to the Selene set for women. Also available for men is the pinstripe version of boots previously only availble in the Narcisse Sin suit set.
Keep watching for more great boots!

Friday, July 18, 2008

"Erosion"Mens Shirt set with Sculpted Accessories

An awesome new men's set! Two different black pinstriped shirts in one box. The short sleeved shirt sports a mostly open front, sculpted collar, and sculpted rolled sleeve cuffs. The long sleeve has a closed front, sculpted collar, and sculpted cuffs with attached cuff links. Cuff links come in two metals (gold and silver) and two gems (sapphire and ruby).
Now in New Designs, Men's and Gothic.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

'New 'Narcisse Femme" pinstripe set

This elegant women's pinstripe set Includes Shrug, plain & lace corsets, hipsters & plain pants, flexi skirt & cuffs,leg,arm & waist belts,patent boots. (All prim work is fitted with re sizer menu for easy touch resizing)

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