Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Narcisse Slate & Regency Slate pinstripe suit sets

The third in my Narcisse suit collection this slate grey formal set is a natural progression from the dark brooding black pinstripe original . As a first it includes a sculpty collar and tie version along with all the other details prim work of the original set. it also includes two skirt types for different styles and like the other sets highly detailed buckled boots. Due to popular demand i made the set in the Regency style with the delicately detailed silver jeweled crosses by Bastchild Lotus .The White set has become hugely popular due mostly to Bastchilds amazing jewelry on the collar and cuffs.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"White Angel" now In Store

It's out! After many requests, Paul finished the set and it's now available in Armor, Gothic, and New Designs.
Fantastic Silk and Lace corset, jacket skirts (short and long), shrugs (long and short sleeved), hipsters, leg straps, wrist cuffs, arm ruffles, TWO sets of Sculpted wings .The first set has open close on touch and the second is a lower prim version with Glow.the boots are included and a Halo with touch on/off light .Most prim work is fitted with re sizer menu for easy size changes.
Check out the pic or drop by to see the set! Fantastic with or without the wing options.

"Sneakers" Mens Now in Store!

Now Available on Evocative and Evocative Magick stores are sneakers for men . Fully sculpted and fitted with re sizer menu these sneakers are available in several colors and themes with more to come. Women's will be available in the next few weeks .

Monday, August 4, 2008

"Antique Lace & silk" wedding set

After a great deal of work this timeless classic is now in store. With a subtle combination of lace and ivory silk it will make any bride know shes the centre of attention. This set includes several combinations including an elegant silk shrug with lace cuffed gloves and a choice of two corsets and two Gowns to suit many tastes. Also as a first for Lapointe and Bastchild Designs the set includes a stunning sculpted bouquet crafted by Bastchild Lotus containing a brides "At the Altar" holding animation . Please visit us at Evocative to see why we are so proud of this design.