Friday, June 12, 2009

"Vampyre" Black Now in Store!!

To complete our series of "Vampyre" Avatars Bast and i have made the darker more traditional pure black set after a number of customer requests.The sets come in both mens and womens and are available as full avatar or just clothing sets so yo ucan mix and match with earlier sets. Available now in New Designs Evocative island, Evocative mens, Evocative womens & Gothic Obsession islands main store entrance.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Evocative Home - Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Paul wanted to give everyone more options for outdoor furniture and now the Rattan selection is available. First out are the Rattan Club Chairs. Sculpted for a casual, organic look of woven rattan balanced with lush cushions and pillows in silk. Great for indoors or out, this lovely chairs are versatile as well as comfortable. The club chairs come with 1 animation and are only 6 prims. Available in the dark rattan, with white silk cushions and your choice of Jade Floral, Seafoam, Cream, or Sunset silk pillows.

Evocative Home - Decor Options

New from Evocative Home - Candles and flower arrangements for your decorating needs. Candles come in packs of 3 sizes and are available in Rose, Cherry, Sunset, Citrus, Vanilla, Apple Green, Sage, Sea, Sky, Lilac, or Violet. All candles have particle flames and are scripted to turn on/off with a touch. Flower arrangements in a white glazed bud vase are available in your choice of rose colors - Antique Pink, Royal Blue, Sunset, Cocoa, Claret, and Jade. Claret is also available in a black and red glazed vase for the more gothic minded.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Evocative Home - NOW OPEN!

We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of Evocative Home! Located on our third sim, Evocative Realm, Evocative Home is a premium furniture and decor store. We have featured a Modern/Eastern fusion in style and hope our lavishly textured, top quality sculpted items will be perfect for your new home. Drop by to see what we have created! We have overstuffed couches and arm chairs, lush beds, modern leather furniture, a great selection of lamps as well as ceramics, rugs, and more!