Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Modern Black Open" Tuxedos Now In Store!!!

Now in store is the Modern Black Open Series of tuxedo's. This Series includes a completely new look for L&B tuxedos with the open jacket look and also comes with many color choices of tie & cuff add ons.The sets come with a full look of jacket and vest combo but also includes a vest with shirt or just shirt far 12 extra color options are available for ties & cuffs with more to follow. Out now in New in Designs Evocative island and Men's clothing Evocative .

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Victorian Dita's Now in Store!!

The newest addition to the Dita footwear range are the Victorians. Thier perfect for wearing with pants or without. Available in suede chocolate, suede grey & black patents with a choice of black or red laces. The black patents are with small silver skulls instead of hearts for a Gothic flavor.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"S'Wear" Aire Set for men

Now out the "S'Wear" Aire Set for men.With a hint of tribal tattoo designs and tones of blue and black this set includes both long and short sleeve shirts. long and short T shirts and leather pants.Available at New Designs Evocative Island and Mens Evocative.

Something fun for Valentine's Day!

We wanted to put out something a bit fun for Valentine's day - so here are some special holiday dog tags. All come with a small ruby heart charm - all are pre-engraved at no extra charge. Pick up a set for your special someone! Available in men's and women's versions and in your choice of gold or silver tags. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Modern Narcisse" Casual suits now out

Now out all newly designed Modern Narcisse casuals with open front version included.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Morbid Exotique" Sculpted Corset Sets

As an addition to the Morbid Range we have made a full color selection of Sculpted Corsets for you to mix and match. the range comes in blue, jade, violet, pink, green, gold,red and a main set of traditional black . Each set comes with a pair of sexy leather pants and double belt.

"Morbid Exotique" Evening Dress Set

Out now is the Exotique Evening Dress Set. This set includes my first sculpted corset with all the details you have come to expect with the Morbid range of clothing. The new look features an open front skirt that exposes lovely fishnet stocking legs to give it a sexy retro feel.New to the Exotique range will be a series of feature color corsets for mixing and matching with your current Morbid or Exotique sets.Available now at New Designs Evocative Islands and Gothic Obsession Women's .

"Exotique" Sunglasses for women Now Out!!

Just for our customers wanting the complete look we made these sculpted large lens Sunglasses for fun. They are fully modify and don't have a confusing HUD with a million choices or any scripts for that matter as lag is on every ones minds these days in SL. Available now at New Designs Evocative And Evocative women's