Monday, January 16, 2012

S'Wear Outlaw & Death Royale T-Shirt Collections

Paul worked hard to get out the much requested men's t-shirts to go with "Death Royale" and "Outlaw" leather collections! Here they are - two collections.. 8 shirts in each set.

Death Royale Collection - featuring Chained King, Sugar Skull King, Phoenix, Morte, DJ Royale, Gypsy Royale, Gothic Cross, and Locked King. Singles for 130 L$ or all 8 in the discounted FatPack for only 499 L$.

Outlaw Collection - featuring Assassin, Penitence, Vengeance, Pistola, Pistola Royale, Los Muertos, Dagger&Skull, and Black Heart. Singles for 130 L$ or all 8 in the discounted FatPack for only 499 L$.

Each t-shirt is provided in jacket, shirt, and undershirt layers to help with mixing and matching! Available in world or on Marketplace SL. Enjoy!


[ Style Guide: Skin & Tattoo by Redgrave (David), Pants & Belt by L&B (Los Muertos Buckled Biker Pants), Vest by L&B (Aviator Vest in Black)]

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S'Wear Aviator Vests out now!!

I finally finished the Vest versions of the popular Aviator jackets for Men & Women. The design has all the details you have come to expect. Each set has a bonus addition of both silver and bronze hardware versions - so you can mix & match with boots and belts in your collection.

Single vests are only 399L$ for both the silver and bronze finishes in one box and the FatPack is a steal at just 699L$ for all six colors.

Available now at Mens & Women's S'Wear stores on Evocative island and soon to be placed on marketplace.

(Women's skin in promo from Curio, men's from Redgrave, women's hair from Truth.)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just out! "Buckled Biker" Belts!

Paul made this awesome new style of belt and now it's available as singles! Comes in Men's or Women's versions - your choice of color and metal.

Men's - Black, Blue, Slate, Chocolate, Olive, or Tan with Silver or Bronze hardware.

Women's - Rose, Red, Grape, Black, Blue, Slate, Chocolate, Olive or Tan with Silver or Bronze hardwear. Singles are only 299 L$.

Want it all? Get the Special Edition versions that come with a HUD. That way you can change the body leather color, the strap leather color and the hardware metal! Guy's get a HUD with 6 colors for body and straps & 2 metals. Ladies get a HUD with 9 colors for body and straps & 2 metals. Special Edition versions are 449 L$.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New! "Outlaw" and Buckled Biker Pants

Paul worked super hard to get these new leather pants out! The new "Outlaw" theme and buckled biker pants feature all new artwork by Paul and new leg prims that have both zippers AND awesome leather straps with buckles. Available in Bronze or Silver... and in 6 themes for men and for women. The plain buckled version is also available..

Men's Themes: Los Muertos, Assassin, Black Heart, Vengence, Pistola, and Dagger&Skull.
Women's Themes: Fortune Teller, Los Muertos, Assassin, Black Heart, Vengence, and Pistola.

Grab your favorite today in world or on marketplace!