Sunday, June 24, 2012

S'wear Mesh hits the store! First available - Women's Jeans.

Marketplace Link to the FatPack

Your wait is over!  L&B S'wear Mesh is hitting the store!  Our mesh clothing will ALWAYS be 100% hand designed by Paul and Bast - no retextured kits, only unique L&B style!

First out are some super sexy women's boot cut jeans!  These are soft denim 5 pocket jeans - available in 8 basic color/styles ranging from overdyed to distressed.  Singles are 349 L$ and the 8 Color FatPack is only 999 L$.  

If you want something truly different, pick up the Special Edition Divine denim jeans - featuring original artwork by Paul. Each color is only 399 L$.

Standard Sizing plus 2 more sizes to make fitting your avatar easier! Each set comes with an alpha layer, 7 sizes (xxs, xs, sm, sm+, med, med+, and large) along with both high heel and flats versions. DEMO available and highly recommended - all are available in world on Evocative Island or on Marketplace SL.

Never fear guys.. your jeans are coming out very soon!  Keep watching!