Saturday, April 12, 2014

New! Bianca Color Knit Camisoles!

New! Color Knit Bianca Camisoles!

The ladies have waited patiently and they are finally here! The 24 color Bianca Camisole Knit set is a perfect range of hues for summer through fall!

You get the 6 great sizes plus the two styles Regular and Cropped to mix and match with our Zipp leather pants and Mini Leather Skirts!

These are a perfect color match!

Grab a Demo to check out or just get the Set - 24 colors for one low price!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New! Men's "Classic" Blazer Set!

New men's "Classic" Blazer set! A great new casual jacket set that includes two bonus T-shirt Addons (tucked and untucked). Works perfect with our Classic Jeans w/ Belt.

This set comes with a HUD that gives 8 fabric choices (two pinstripes, noir, slate, blue, a grey plaid, a brown tweed, and brown corduroy. You also get a range of 14 graphic tees, 4 plain t-shirts and one nautical stripe.

All this in one set just 599 L$! (Jacket can be worn without the T-shirt AddOns.)