Friday, November 21, 2014

New! "Teese" Leather Corset

Corset. Leather. Yes!

Paul just released our first mesh corset! "Teese" is a super sexy leather corset that comes in 9 sizes! He worked super hard to make sure it works well with our Zipp leather pants and our Zipp Mini skirt.

"Teese" comes with a HUD that gives you 26 leather options and 10 different metal hardware choices.

In this set, Paul did three additional sizes - Busty versions of Extra Small, Small and Medium for the ladies that are a bit curvier!

Give the free demo a try to check the new sizes then drop by in world or Marketplace to grab a copy. It's a great addition to any L&B wardrobe!

Friday, November 7, 2014

New! Men's "Urban" Biker Jacket set

Just in time for winter, comes our new Men's "Urban" Biker Jacket!

An all new leather jacket style that is modern and sleek while still being very masculine.

This leather jacket set includes a Hoodie AddOn and T-shirt AddOns in two lengths (Tucked and Untucked).

As with all our new releases, this set comes with a uber HUD! 20 leather choices, 10 Hoodie choices, 8 Hood lining options, 18 T-shirts and a bonus 5 Jacket Hardware metals.

You can wear the jacket alone or you can wear it with one of the AddOns! So many options in one package.. you won't need anything else to get through the winter season!

Everything in one set - just 699 L$.  Works with our Classic jeans!