Friday, September 25, 2015

New! Men's Ranger Leather Boots

Now that it's fall, we begin thinking of the cooler weather. So along with alot of other goodies being worked on that we be great for this time of year.. we have released the Ranger Leather Boots for Men!

These are sturdy ankle boots in a modern combat style - features buckles, straps, grommets and fantastic stitching detail.

You get two styles - regular with the ankle strap and jeans friendly that will fit a bit better under most pants.  The HUD gives you 31 leathers - some are weathered, worn lovelies that will give you some street creed.

The Ranger Boots are non-rigged mesh - so that means you can resize them to fit your avatar - classic or mesh! (Just remember some mesh avatars, you will want to remove the feet).

Available now - grab a demo to see the detail! Get yours and be ready for Autumn!  Women's version coming soon.

Friday, September 4, 2015

New! "Harness" Leather Pants!

New! Harness Leather Pants - now on sale. Available for women and for men!  Sexy new leather pants featuring full hip & leg harness with straps and buckles.

Women's comes with standards sizes, classic avatar fit mesh and Maitreya Lara compatible fit mesh! HUD gives you 25 leather colors, 25 contrast leathers for the harness and 5 metal options.

Men's comes in standards sizes, new classic avatar fit mesh and SLINK Male body compatible fit mesh! That's right.. one version will work with the brand new SLINK men's mesh body (XXS - MED is our recommendation). HUD gives you 20 leather colors, 23 contrast leathers for the harness and 5 metal options.

AES ( Aesthethic Mesh Avatar) version should be available soon!

Available in free demos - grab you set today!