Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sneak Peek! Coming Soon for Women!

Here's a little something to cheer you up from the summer blues.. coming soon just for you!

The perfect shorts and a brand new tank top - with curves in all the right places.

Paul's been working double time to get all these new items ready, get set for all our new events AND working on updates - so this is to let you see a bit of what he's got lined up for you!

As always.. each is planned to have lovely texture HUDs and we will be trying to add in some more sizes: we should have Lara, Slink (All), Belleza (All - updated bodies) plus hopefully classic fit mesh too.

Enjoy and keep cool!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

L&B@Boys of Summer - Baja Denim Shorts!

Opening tonight at 6pm SLT - L&B is proud to particpate in Boys of Summer by Depraved Nation.

Our exclusive for the event are our new Baja Denim Jeans! A more modern, metro take on cargo shorts. Pairs well with our Patrol Denim Shirts!

Available with 7 denim color options, 8 belt colors (belt is optional) and 5 metal hardware choices. Includes Aesthetic and Slink fit mesh sizes plus classic fit mesh.

Only on sale at Boys of Summer through the end of the month.

*Shown here on the Slink Male Physique Body with Slink Male Hands with L&B Ranger Boots & L&B Patrol Denim Shirt.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sneak Peek! L&B for Boys of Summer

Just a taste of what we'll have on sale EXCLUSIVELY at Boys of Summer starting tomorrow at 3pm SLT.

Our Baja Denim Shorts will be for Aesthetic & Slink mesh bodies and will also include regular fit mesh for classic avatars and those mesh bodies that work well with more standard sizes.  We have carefully crafted these so that for most people and sizes, they will work with the Ranger Shirt, Patrol Shirt and our Classic and Retro T-shirt collections.   Belt will be options (on/off) and of course.. there will be a texture HUD!

Details coming soon... demo will be out later tonight at our mainstore for you early birds :)

Monday, July 4, 2016

New! L&B @ TMD : JULY - Patrol Denim Shirts!

We have such an awesome new item ready just in time for The Men's Department July Edition! TMD opens it's doors tomorrow at noon SLT. (July 5th)

This is a must have for summer and fall. Denim short sleeved, tab rolled shirt draped over a t-shirt!

You CAN wear the denim shirt alone by simply turning the T-shirt addon Off using the HUD! This shirt set works very well with our Ranger Cargo Pants and our Classic Jeans. (mileage will vary depending on your shape).

Fatpack comes stuffed with AES, SLINK, and Classic fit mesh sizes plus we also have included std sizes for classic avatars. The Fatpack HUD has 8 denim colors, 8 denims with patches, 4 striped t-shirts, 9 plain t-shirt colors, and 12 graphic tees - most are brand new! The denims in this set range from faded lt blue to a retro slateblue and black.

We'll also have a selection of Single packs - single denim color shirts that come with a small T-shirt HUD containing one graphic and 5 plain colors. These will be available only in Medium Blue, Medium Jade, Dark Blue or Dark Jade. As always, the singles are ONLY available at TMD during the month.

Free demos are available for all packs - and can be tested at our mainstore on Evocative before the Event opens or at TMD starting tomorrow at noon.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

New! Teese Leather Halter Corsets - Updated Version!

Finally.. after a long wait and many, many requests, the Teese Corsets are now available in Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, and Slink Hourglass fit mesh sizes! The original standard sizing plus versions are still included for use by Classic Avatars too!

We appreciate both the feedback given and the patience our fans have shown while waiting for this update on our super popular corset line.

This is a Free update to anyone that had the previous version Teese Corset tops or the Teese PVC Corset top. Just rezz your updater boxes and a free set will arrive.

The HUD and scripts have all been updated - you now have 25 colors you can mix and match in regular leather and 12 PVC options along with the 10 metal hardware choices.

This means you now have the option of changing the leather colors where the main body and collar can be one color and the straps and belt are entirely different!  Red with purple, black with red, white with green... your choice.. your fashion. :) We hope you enjoy mixing and matching. We also included the previously, separately sold PVC versions! 

Grab a free demo to test out the new fit mesh sizes. In store now and also available on Marketplace SL.