Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"ArchAngel" Full Avatar in store now!

A first for Lapointe & Bastchild is this complete Avatar. The set includes everything to achieve the same look as the advert from the hair to the wings and skin its all included in this massive role play set for the first time. No more need to shop around trying to find a shape that's similar or the skin or hair . Lapointe & Bastchild proudly presents the ArchAngel Gabriel Avatar a first in a series of ArchAngels soon to be released.With four choices of highly detailed and sculpted wings to a realistic working model of a semi automatic handgun this set is huge. It includes highly detailed sculpted armor with baked textures and as allways with our high end sets it includes our newest buckled boots for men . For the fans of our Angel Avs yes it also includes a Tattoo set that is especially made for this Avatar.much more is included and for those not wanting to spend too much I've made a "Lite' version of the set that doesn't include the skin, shape, hair etc. Available now at New Designs Evocative island and at Gothic Obsession island in the Fantasy Armor store.

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