Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Bella" Womens Ankle Boots

Just out! "Bella" sculpted boots for women. Paul worked long and hard to sculpt a new style of ankle boot for the ladies. This set features an uber high heel silhouette with straps. Each color comes with a fur version and and a non-fur version. These boots hold their shape even at distance and are textured with fantastically realistic leather and shine.

No invisi prims are used in the boot and a viewer 2 alpha is provided to hide your avatar's foot. For those of you that still need invisi feet prims, we stashed a set in a box inside the set just for you. Deleteable Low Lag Resizer included for fitting. Available in Claret, Charcoal, Black, Violet, Brown or Blue. FatPack coming soon. Check out the demo available in the store.. at 499 L$ for one color.. you can't beat these boots for fashion or roleplay. Available on Evocative Island at New Designs or Women's Footwear.