Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Womens Cropped Leather Jacket

Paul heard the requests from the ladies for a sexy leather jacket and he's really delivered! Cropped Leather jackets for women are all hand sculpted with a fresh, sultry look that can be dressed up or down.. or even worn with nothing else underneath! Carefully crafted with a female avatar's shape and movement in mind, these jackets move gracefully with you.

NOW with EZ Fit +, our newest sizing scripts, you can stretch in single directions to get a perfect fit. Perfect for you curvy ladies that have had a hard time fitting prim, sculpted items in the past.

The leather on these jackets is some of the most realistic Paul's ever produced - and comes in eleven different colors! Traditionalists will LOVE the Black and the two red versions are destined to be come our next classics. But ladies - check out the COLORS - rich, vibrant offerings that match the hottest trends in fashion today!

These jackets go very well with the Stiletto Knee High boots and keep an eye out for other separates that you can mix and match with.

Guys - don't dispair! Paul is working hard to get the men's version out soon! Keep watching.