Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Project Limited! Reopening at Midnight!

Project Limited will REOPEN tonight at Midnight SLT.  All designers will have set out at least one new Limited item!

L&B will have 5 new items: 

*Men's Cargo Shorts in 2 new themes - Oni Samurai and Death Warrior. 
*Women's Cargo Shorts in 2 new themes - Ganesha Lotus and Koi Pond.
*Men's Tank Top Set - Limited Edition : Samurai Dreams.

Only 150 copies of each set will be sold.  Project Limited will be open until July 30th.

Grab your favorites before they disappear!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New! Men's "Gods & Demons" Tank T-shirt set.

Paul is on a roll now with some super cool new graphics. He's been knocking out all kind of new themes..

He thought the guys would like a new set of tank t-shirts to wear with the cargo shorts.

Just out are the Gods&Demons set! Features three lengths (long, regular, and half-tucked) and a HUD with 2 plain, 2 camo, and 5 graphics themed choices!

These tanks work perfect with our classic jeans and our cargo shorts. The set is 499 L$.

Try the demo to see the new themes - then grab your set today!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Limited! Women's Cargo Shorts - Flor de la Muerte!

The ladies have spoken.. and they want Cargo Shorts! Paul worked hard the last few days to get a women's version of the Cargo shorts ready!

A Limited theme version is now available ONLY at Project Limited for the ladies.. it's called Flor de la Muerte!

The build was remade and fitted just for the ladies! The Theme features Sugar Skulls, Fortune Tellers, Hearts and Roses! Like the guys the HUD will give a plain green camo, plain B&W camo, along with the Flor graphic green camo and Flor graphic B&W camo. Bonus belt and hardware options finish out the HUD.  All this for only 499 L$.

These are beyond cool - perfect for the lady that wants a little summer attitude!

Only 200 copies of the women's Flor de la Muerte will be sold!

Try the demo and then grab your set before they are gone!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Project Limited July! Men's Cargo Shorts Limited Edition.

Project Limited for July starts today at Noon SLT!  We are proud to be participating again with this excellent Depraved Nation event. 

Our Limited Edition item are Men's Cargo Shorts!  We have two themes ready for the start of the event - each will sell only 200 copies before they are no longer available.

Each theme will come with 7 standard sizes and a texuture HUD with green camo plain, black&white camo plain, green camo graphic, and black&white camo graphic fabric choices.  There are also 3 belt color options as well!

Dragon Demon theme features dragon and demon designs on the graphic camo versions.  Green Skull theme features various skulls on the graphic camo versions.

Get in quick before they sell out!