Friday, March 27, 2015

New! "Urban" Biker Vests w/Hoodies - Men's and Women's versions

Winter's over... Spring is starting.. so guess you guys might like something.. oh.. in a Vest style?

You are in luck! The "Urban" Biker Vests w/ Hoodies are on sale now for both Men and Women!

These leather vest have the same modern look as our 'Urban" Biker jackets. They come linked to a short sleeve T-shirt by default. You can wear the Vest w/T-shirt with or without the Hoodie AddOn!

The HUD give you lots of leather colors, T-shirt choices (Plain and Graphics), Hoodies, Hood Linings and Vest Hardware options.

Try this new fit - the free demos are available for your testing pleasure . The new vests go great with our jeans and other clothing options.