Wednesday, July 29, 2015

AESTHETIC - Modern Open Tuxedos Hitting the Store!

We know you guys have been patiently waiting for fitted mesh tuxedos made for the Aesthetic Mesh Body by Niramyth. The wait is over!

We are going to be adding in the Modern Open Tuxedo styles over the next week or so and the first option out is our very popular Modern Open Black Tux in the Ocean Special Edition version!

Each Tuxedo comes with fitted mesh Jacket Combo and Dress Pants. The jacket is one piece, a Jacket/Shirt/Tie/Vest/Pocket Square combination. Each Set will also come with a Texture hud to give you many options.

The Tuxedo HUD - Ocean version gives you:
* Jacket Fabric (Plain regular, Trimmed Lapel regular, Silk Trimmed Lapel regular, and Silk Trimmed Lapel dark)
*Pants Fabric (Plain regular, Silk Trimmed regular, Plain dark, and Silk Trimmed dark)
*Vest Fabric (Brocade Ocean, Brocade Royal, Plain Silk Teal, and Plain Royal)
*Tie and Pocket Square Fabric (3 tone Jade, Bold Blue, Black & Silk Dark Jade and Silk Royal)
*Shirt Fabric (White, Noir, Periwinkle, and Lt Jade).

 All this for 799 L$. 

These tuxedos will also be fully compatible with the Modern Tux 2.0 Deluxe AddOn Applier HUDS! So if you have some that you bought for the regular tuxes, you will be able to use them with the new Aesthetic Line as well.

Coming soon - Modern Open White and Modern Open Pinstripe!