Friday, November 13, 2015

New! "Patrol" Leather Boots for Men!

These are the taller, tougher cousin to our recently released Ranger boots. Patrol Boots feature the same great leather, buckles, lacing, stitching but in a taller, rigged style for men.

These are a more traditional style combat boot - perfect to wear with cargo shorts! Comes with both smooth, clean leather as well as scuffed, worn leather options. 31 Leather colors are included.

In the same set you get 6 Standard Rigged Sizes, 4 Aesthetic Mesh Body Rigged Sizes and a bonus *ShoeOnly* version that is more pants friendly. (*ShoeOnly* version is NOT rigged and may be resized and refitted as needed.)

As will regular rigged mesh, you may not resize the tall boots. However we have included many size options so you will be able to get the fit that you need. *Give the free demo a try to be sure you love the fit*

We have tested these with classic avatars, Slink Physique Male mesh bodies and Niramyth Aesthetic mesh bodies.

Available in world or on SLMarketplace - grab a demo today!