Friday, March 27, 2015

New! "Urban" Biker Vests w/Hoodies - Men's and Women's versions

Winter's over... Spring is starting.. so guess you guys might like something.. oh.. in a Vest style?

You are in luck! The "Urban" Biker Vests w/ Hoodies are on sale now for both Men and Women!

These leather vest have the same modern look as our 'Urban" Biker jackets. They come linked to a short sleeve T-shirt by default. You can wear the Vest w/T-shirt with or without the Hoodie AddOn!

The HUD give you lots of leather colors, T-shirt choices (Plain and Graphics), Hoodies, Hood Linings and Vest Hardware options.

Try this new fit - the free demos are available for your testing pleasure . The new vests go great with our jeans and other clothing options.


Friday, March 13, 2015

New! Swear "Racing" Motorcycle Helmets

New! Swear "Racing" Motorcycle Helmet w/ HUD!

Paul has worked hard to get something really different ready for you and this new helmet set is cutting edge! This set is great for the guys or ladies too!

Features a modern silhouette with hardware, neck padding, nose and cheek protection, sleek trim and moving visor. Choose from a multitude of style options to get your own look.

The HUD gives you 4 Theme options with 6 - 10 color variations each, 4 Bonus Themes, and 3 visor tint options included via the L&B Texture HUD in this set. It's like getting 30+ helmets in one!

AND.. the visor can be worn UP or DOWN!

Deletable Resizer and Scripts - remove them after styling for a low lag option.

Available inworld or on SLMP - 499 L$.