Tuesday, April 5, 2016

L&B @ TMD April: Ranger Cargo Pants!

The Men's Department Event for April starts today! (April 5th). We have a fantastic special edition set of our men's cargo pants for sale at a discount.

Ranger Cargo Pants come in a discounted FatPack - Standard Rigged sizes plus NEW Aesthetic and Slink mesh body sizes all in the same package! Disounts and Singles are ONLY available during the event.

Fatpack has 3 themed versions, 6 plain colors (green, olive, blue, slate blue, black and plain green camo), and 6 patched versions along with 7 belt colors and 5 buckle metals.  The Themes, black and camo are all exclusive to the FatPak.  499 L$

We also have Singles available ONLY at the event for 199 L$ - They come in your choice of Green, Olive, Blue or Slate Blue in plain and patched versions along with 3 belt colors.

TMD - April will go through the end of the month.. Demo's available for singles AND the fatpack - so give them a try.  Test out the new Slink and AES fit mesh sizes.

DEMOS available at our main store as well if you want to fight the opening day lag!